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  • Hearts Farthings
  • Beryl Kingston
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  • 20 August 2018
  • 9780099781615

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Read & Download Hearts Farthings ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB S And so when Alberto meets ueenie Dawson – exuberant sensuous star of the music halls – his ordered new life is flung into turmoil Hearts and Farthings the heart warming saga of a man torn between two women and of children born in the last bittersweet days before the war that should have ended all wars Praise for Beryl Kingston “The writing is skilful the plot is worked out to the last millimetre and the author understands how to weave dialogue. Thank you to NetGalley and the Timeless Fiction Review Club for a free digital copy of this book to reviewThis books starts really well and the early part of Alberto s journey to and life in England was very enjoyable The characters were brought to life well by the author and the descriptions of the places and the smells were vividHowever I found the second half of the book was less enjoyable as it became repetitive and predictable There was also an issue in Chapter 32 where the number of children going on holiday was impossible due to a death in an earlier chapterHaving researched the book after reading it I can see that this was first published in the 1980 s perhaps a current editor should have made some tweaks

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Read & Download Hearts Farthings ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB LONDON IN THE 1890s a foggy city bustling with activity and bubbling with Cockney repartee To this alien world comes Alberto Pelucci an early immigrant from distant Italy dreaming of adventure and romance Adventure enough is the verminous room of his first night’s stay in London but romance seems rewarding when the shy Alice accepts his hand Only on their wedding night does he realise that his bride will never share his passion for physical pleasure. A far cry from my recent reads I really enjoyed this one I haven t read a war storydrama for a while and this made it all the refreshing Coupled with the fact that this was originally published in the 1980s this novel proves that all books are timeless and it doesn t matter what generation encounters reads the plots can still be enjoyed over the decadesThe protagonist Albert is interestingly portrayed Kingston allows the reader to establish a positive relationship with him in the opening of the novel due to the hardships he encounters Leaving Italy and his family behind Albert seeks his cousin in London and what he thinks a steady job and the prospect of good fortunes Receiving neither of these from his cousin Albert is forced to strike it out alone His strong work ethic and endearing personality means that eventually he is able to make a success of himself even still remembering his slovenly cousin along the wayHowever once I had grown to really like Albert and admire his resilience Kingston reveals that Albert has a cruel and ruthless streak to him As an increasingly successful businessman he does not see how many of his actions hurt the ones closest to him Albert s narrow mindedness and his negative behaviour was even shocking because I had such a positive opinion of him Such characterisation by Kingston demonstrates that even in the toughest of situations people can be tested and pushed beyond their boundariesA story covering many decades it was lovely to see how Albert s life unfolds Not always a bed of roses readers witness how life changes for Albert and his family as his fortunes grow and social living alters around him The final third of the novel is set during the First World War and I think this is the part that I found most powerful Kingston expertly captures the fear and worry of those at home coupled with the ignorance and frustration towards what was really happening in France I think what would have made this novel stronger was if the author had included time references at the start of chapters so that readers have a better awareness of the passing yearsI enjoyed reading this book and whilst this is not marked as a series the closing chapter shows that there is another episode to follow This is something I hope to read in the future to see what lies in store for Albert his family and the prospect of another World War looming Admittedly I did lose interest in the plot at times and this is my only criticism of the story It was very good as a whole but I did not find it a total page turnerA lovely story about the changes you can bring upon yourself with enough hard work and ambition This is a drama that explores the importance of family even when it feels like everything around you is a challengeI received a free copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review

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Read & Download Hearts Farthings ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Character and theme and a thumping love affair into unity” The Sunday Times “Original and heartwarming” Woman's Weekly Beryl Kingston was born and brought up in Tooting the setting she recreates so vividly in Hearts and Farthings After taking her degree at London University she taught English and Drama at various London schools as well as taking some time away from teaching to bring up her three children She now lives in Sussex with her husband. A good read set back in time Informative and entertaining