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  • Breaking Down Breaking #1
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  • 25 July 2018
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Free download Breaking Down Breaking #1 Read & download ✓ Breaking Down Breaking #1 ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ce birth will be there It's the one thing keeping Rocky from completely going off the deep endShe plans to stay focused on her future which includes trying to join the Peace Corps Then in walks Dante He's cocky handsome well built popular and so not her type She is determined to keep her distance The last thing she needs is someone prying into her past Dante loves a. Overall Rating 5 Stars Should be 10 So I got this book as part of Calista s Blog tour and OMG I m so glad I signed up for this tour This author is brilliant and very talented It is her debut novel and I was not disappointed at all I was uite intrigued on page one then I start to read chapter after chapter and I was not able to put this book down I was uite pleased with the author s writing style Rauel Rocky at the beginning of the book was going through something horrible something a teen should never have to go through It broke my heart So she start new at another school where she meets Dante At first I really didn t like him but after I kept reading I fell in love with him Rauel and Dante start a on again off again relationship This romance is not what you expect It is not all roses and hearts the romance is a heart breaking one They go through so much together and by the end of the book all you want to do is smack Rauel About the last 20% of this book I UGLY CRIED This

Free download Breaking Down Breaking #1

Breaking Down Breaking #1

Free download Breaking Down Breaking #1 Read & download ✓ Breaking Down Breaking #1 ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Challenge though and when his relentless pursuit captures her attention she just can't stop herself from falling for him They soon realize that things aren't always what they seem and find themselves forging an intense bond But when life continues to hand them obstacle after obstacle can their new found love help save her or will she finally find herself Breaking Dow. This is a sweet if not teenage drama filled coming of age story For a Young Adult book it can get steamy but fairly typical for teenagers The characters are well developed and I could feel the intense friendship between Rocky and her friend Natalia Also the love interest of Dante was well written and as a reader I understood why Rocky was attracted to him He was cocky but lovableThe writing itself started off rough and uickly recovered as if the author found her stride after a few chapters Also I feel like the reason for Rocky s move and why she has trouble confiding in people could have been expanded upon Rocky was emotionally traumatized by a teacher at her previous school but the author just gave a page or two to this Whereas later she writes on and on about how Rocky will eventually confide in Dante or that she wants to talk to Dante but can t The fights start to get repetitive where I just wanted to grab Rocky by the shoulders and shake her or at least tell Dante to walk

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Free download Breaking Down Breaking #1 Read & download ✓ Breaking Down Breaking #1 ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Rauel Rocky as her friends call her is an introverted girl on the brink of turning eighteen Having already been dealt a bad hand recently her life gets even complicated when her parent's divorce forces her to relocate with her mom to the city of Rancho Cucamonga California She will be facing her senior year in a new high school Fortunately Natalia her best friend sin. I really enjoyed reading this book As someone who grew up in the town where the story takes place it was exciting to read about the characters going to the same places that I have The characters felt so real and relatable Rocky bugged me sometimes with her reactions and how she acted but it made me realize that oops I acted like that when I was her age too Learning about Dante s past made me sympathize with him and to me if an author can make me do that then they have talent The relationship between Rocky and Dante was so intense which is how so many young relationships can be For her first novel I think Calista Smith did a brilliant job I can t wait for book 2