An Easy Death (E–book)

  • Paperback
  • 336
  • An Easy Death
  • Charlaine Harris
  • English
  • 18 January 2020
  • 9781481494939

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read An Easy Death free download Î PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Charlaine Harris Charlaine Harris ↠ 0 read & download The beloved #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Sookie Stackhouse series the inspiration for HBO’s True Blood and the Midnight Crossroad trilogy adapted for NBC’s Midnight Texas has written a taut new thriller the first in the Gunnie Rose series centered on a young gunslinging mercenary Lizbeth RoseSet in a fractured United States in the southwestern country now known as Texoma A world where magic is acknowledged but mistrusted especially by a young gunsli. Hooray If like me you loved roughly 12 of the Sookie books the beginning 12 but found the rest sort of meh but still kept on reading you will like An Easy Death Same for the rest of her series love some and are annoyed by the others but still kept on reading An Easy Death had me putting off chores so I could spend all my time with my new gunslinging girlfriend Lizbeth Oh boy oh boy I m surely looking forward to this kick ass series and its alternate history line

read An Easy DeathAn Easy Death

read An Easy Death free download Î PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Charlaine Harris Charlaine Harris ↠ 0 read & download Endant of Grigori Rasputin and that Oleg’s blood can save the young tsar’s lifeAs the trio journey through an altered America shattered into several countries by the assassination of Franklin Roosevelt and the Great Depression they’re set on by enemies It’s clear that a powerful force does not want them to succeed in their mission Lizbeth Rose is a gunnie who has never failed a client but her oath will test all of her skills and resolve to get them all out ali. Just as the cover implies An Easy Death is a cowboy shoot em up style book In the classic comedic style of Charlaine Harris we are introduced to our bad ass heroine who doesn t like anyone meddling in her affairs and has kept her hand on her gun mos of her life just to survive CharactersSomething Harris is a master at creating are characters Her original series True Blood characters are unforgettable and as such so are the ones in An Easy Death Not only is our lead gal likable she has many traits readers may wish they had including a fearless personality Additionally Harris introduces us to a whole host of characters you come to care about Although fair warning there are a lot of people that don t make it in this wild west dystopian environment so try not to get too attached Alternate Dystopian HistoryThe setting of Harris new series is really interesting It s back in the 1930 40 s or so I think and yet the USA has been split into factionsareas that are no longer one country due to a rise in magic and magical abilities This has led to outlaw areas new regimes and intense politics My fave part because I m very biased was that Canada held onto their land and got a chunk of the northern United States So I just have to say thanks to Harris for not assuming my country would fall The other side of the split of the USA is that the Russians have taken over portion of the former country including what was California They are the ones with the most magic and a royal bloodline that includes the original royal line whom all suffer from hemophilia There s no lack of politics in this world and yet it s not complex or heavily set A perfect balance to the wild west feel of the show ActionAn Easy Death is primarily a bunch of action scenes strung together with some mysterious plot But don t be fooled into thinking there is a complexity to this story At the end of the day it s just like your average John Wayne style story Except our lead gal doesn t end up with near as many people in bed with her as Wayne might have had back in the day lol OverallThis is a fun take a break and laugh book Just like the Sookie Stackhouse series True Blood on HBO Harris has taken a relatively simple approach to let us know that the books are really all about having some laughs shooting up a lot of places and our heroine surviving As our lead gal is only 19 or so she displays a strong desire to survive that is admirable and reminded me that I can totally handle 35C on one of the days I was reading this so long as no one is shooting at me While no one is likely to give out a literary award for this new series I know I will look forward to the next book And I hope that this series can go on for 3 6 books and be decent additions to my TBR as break reads from some of the heavy literature on there To read this and of my reviews visit my blog at Epic Reading Please note I received an eARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley This is an honest and unbiased review

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read An Easy Death free download Î PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Charlaine Harris Charlaine Harris ↠ 0 read & download Nger named Lizbeth Rose Battered by a run across the border to Mexico Lizbeth Rose takes a job offer from a pair of Russian wizards to be their local guide and gunnie For the wizards Gunnie Rose has already acuired a fearsome reputation and they’re at a desperate crossroad even if they won’t admit it They’re searching through the small border towns near Mexico trying to locate a low level magic practitioner Oleg Karkarov The wizards believe Oleg is a direct desc. An Easy Death by Charlaine Harris is the first book in her new Gunnie Rose series I had a whole internal debate on what to even classify this series sort of a historical western fantasy I suppose Characters in here can wield magic and it does take place in an alternate version of our world in the past in the days of gunslingersLizbeth Rose is a gunslinger is an obviously man s world making her work that much harder to succeed at her chosen job When out with her crew making a run protecting a couple of families on their journey her whole crew is taken out but Lizbeth makes sure she saves her customers and finishes the job escorting them the rest of the wayAfter arriving back at her home she finds out there are a couple asking about for someone skilled to hire and before she knows it the couple are tracking her down The pair turns out to be a couple of Russian wizards searching for a a direct descendant of Grigori Rasputin in which Lizbeth is afraid that they will find out it s her blood they needOk I will first admit that I picked this one up strictly based on author only since I ve never been a huge western fan but having read a few different series from Charlaine Harris and enjoying them curiosity killed the cat so to speak After finishing the first book I m glad I gave this a shot though as it was actually uite entertaining A kick butt lead female gunslinger mixing it up with bandits and magicians is certainly different than anything I ve picked up and I ll definitely want to know where this one goes from here So if you up for a different type of fast paced fantasy then I d give this one a tryI received an advance copy from the publisher via EdelweissFor reviews please visit