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  • The Unpassing
  • Chia-Chia Lin
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  • 01 April 2020
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Chia-Chia Lin ¿ 6 characters

review The Unpassing Download Ø PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ¿ Chia-Chia Lin Chia-Chia Lin ¿ 6 characters Ank which results in grave harm to a little boy In the ensuing chaos what really happened to Ruby finally emergesWith flowing prose that evokes the terrifying beauty of the Alaskan wilderness Lin explores the fallout after the loss of a child and the way in which a family is forced to grieve in a place that doesn’t yet feel like home Emotionally raw and subtly suspenseful The Unpassing is a deeply felt family saga that dismisses the American dream for a harsher but ultimately profound realit. It was a kind of violence what my father had done He had brought us to a place we didn t belong and taken us from a place we did Now we yearned for all places and found peace in none The Unpassing by Chia Chia Lin is a slow burn of a novel that engulfs you in the atmospheric landscape and the characters lives so than inviting you into the plot This book is extremely character drive its Knausgaard esue with its bold and heavily detailed description of the Alaskan wilderness that surrounds the people within The five main characters are strongly built throughout the pages with such desire that you almost forget that there really isn t a huge strong plot it takes a backseat in this one and for me that was absolutely perfect and refreshing but for some I can see they might not enjoy thatThe Unpassing takes place in the 80 s and centers around a Taiwanese immigrant family of six which very uickly is reduced to five when the narrator ten year old Gavin contracts meningitis from an outbreak at school He wakes a week later from a coma to find out he is alright but his youngest sister Ruby also contracted the disease from him and didn t survive The entirety of the novel follows the mother and father whom come from different asian countries and never feel at home in America their struggles being in a foreign land and also the strain on their marriage and happiness Then there is Gavin and his older sister Pei Pei and his younger brother Natty none of them are super close as most siblings that age aren t but they also aren t exactly rivals They too feel the weight of not belonging in a country that is not their own The novel follows the entire family and how they each react and live after the death of the youngest navigating through the beautiful canyons of the wilderness and the ugly despair within the very depths of their souls this book hit me harder the farther into it I got Halfway through I had it being a three star novel but pressed on and was rewarded with a stunning five star depiction of a beautiful story and stunning surprise behind Ruby s death

review The UnpassingThe Unpassing

review The Unpassing Download Ø PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ¿ Chia-Chia Lin Chia-Chia Lin ¿ 6 characters Meningitis at school he falls into a deep nearly fatal coma He wakes up a week later to learn that his little sister Ruby was infected too She did not surviveRoutine takes over for the grieving family the siblings care for each other as they befriend a neighboring family and explore the woods; distance grows between the parents as they deal with their loss separately But things spiral when the father increasingly guilt ridden after Ruby’s death is sued for not properly installing a septic t. The Unpassing straddles many familiar genres a coming of age story an immigrant displacement saga a grief odyssey an American dream gone wrong tale But the novel s true journey is straight to the human heart and what survives when people disappear without our full awareness or our permissionOur first person narrator Gavin is a child when he contracts meningitis in school right before the Challenger space shuttle is set to take off When he awakes he finds out that the shuttle has exploded and that his youngest sister Ruby has died probably because he brought the virus into the house Her death shatters the already vulnerable landscape of his Taiwanese parents who have relocated to the starkly beautiful but unforgiving state of AlaskaChia Chia Lin writes many scenes that are haunting Gavin and his mother coming across an impossible to conceive setting of a beached beluga whale It looked too big to die too big to vanish during a sudden silent creak of the world And what I thought had they done with Ruby s body There are flying suirrels that take over the attic and eventually die en masse outdoors And there s the younger brother Natty who insists that his parents have disappeared too and have morphed into other people and the older sister Pei Pei a teenager who outside the home is known as PaigeThere are many subtle uestions here about the American Dream gone awry a mom foraging for food on the road the children s embarrassment and dread of outsiders knowing they have little furniture or food and even the realization that not all of us can afford police or hospital support in times of extreme need Nothing is under one s control even the landscape outside which can uickly shift from peaceful to threatening in the flash of an eyeIt s a bleak book but then again life isn t always a fairy tale particularly for those who are acting out their own tragedies in a land that is not uite yet home 45 stars rounded up

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review The Unpassing Download Ø PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ¿ Chia-Chia Lin Chia-Chia Lin ¿ 6 characters A searing debut novel that explores community identity and the myth of the American dream through an immigrant family in AlaskaIn Chia Chia Lin’s debut novel The Unpassing we meet a Taiwanese immigrant family of six struggling to make ends meet on the outskirts of Anchorage Alaska The father hardworking but beaten down is employed as a plumber and repairman while the mother a loving strong willed and unpredictably emotional matriarch holds the house together When ten year old Gavin contracts. 35 starsA uiet compelling novel about a Taiwanese family struggling to survive in Alaska The novel takes place in the 1980s against other tragedies such as the Challenger explosion we see this family s tragedies and resilience through the perspective of ten year old Gavin The Unpassing starts with a heart wrenching death the passing of Gavin s three year old sister and the family s grief over her loss follows them in poignant understated ways for the rest of the novel Chia Chia Len includes a lot of powerful themes in an understated way the tremendous amount of work it takes to just survive in America as an immigrant family the burden of masculinity the way nature can both accompany and isolate Several interactions between the family members took my breath away with their uiet powerful emotion like when Gavin s father tried to force him to eat a reflection of his father s insecurity how much he wanted his son to survive in an unwelcoming country and much I struggled to connect with the characters on an emotional level throughout the novel I think because I wish they each had a little weight to their characterizations Not much happens in The Unpassing which is fine but I left wanting to care about the characters to have felt attached Still a good read I would recommend to those interested in grief immigration and unassuming family stories Also check out this iconic review from a much trusted fellow Goodreads reviewer friend of mine if you want a rich take on the book