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  • 03 September 2020
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review ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ñ Piper Lawson Free read Schooled 107 My best friend's brother grew up HotDo you know what a dream come true tastes like Validation In two semesters I'll finish business school and launch a fashion label in New York with my best friend All the planning the long days and longer nights and saying 'no' to every distraction are about to pay offUntil. Schooled by Piper Lawson is the first book in the Travesty series it s a great start to the series but a little predictable best friend falls for other best friends brother yep you can guess the restIt s a uick sexy fun readif you re looking for something light hearted with a little naughtiness then this is definitely the book to read it can be read as a standalone but if you want from Dylan and Alexis then book 2 is needed which is the best friend story

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review ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ñ Piper Lawson Free read Schooled 107 Rching hot night of confessions and enough chemistry to burn down the science building could turn everything I've worked for upside downSo it should be easy to say no RightWrong I might be two years older but I'm sure as hell not smarter Because the second Dylan Cameron gets me aloneI'm the one getting school. A review copy was provided by the author for the Blog Tour 35 Stars Schooled is the Debut novel for Piper Lawson and I thought it was a good first novel for her I enjoyed this story but it didn t WOW me I thought the writing style was really good and the flow and pace of the story was spot on I think my only real complaint was that it wasn t anything new or original The storyline is like many I have read in this genre and nothing really stuck out to make it different from other college based stories that I have read I also thought that at times the author provided us with a little too much information to the story There were some things that could ve been left out without it effecting the overall story With that said it didn t slow down the story or drag anything out it was just stuff I don t think we needed I do also wish that we would ve gotten maybe one chapter to finish off the story To show where Lex and Dylan end up I thought the ending was kind of abrupt I know there is another book coming out which is Ava s book so I am hoping that we see of Dylan and Lex in that bookWhat I did really like about this story was the female characters the author created Ava and Alexis Lex were both very strong female leads I say they are both leads in this story because the storyline truly focused on these two getting the fashion business off the ground The love story between Lex and Dylan Ava s younger brother was kind of like a sub story to the main plot Lex and Ava knew exactly what they wanted and were determined to make their dreams come true I loved their determination and drive we don t see that in many heroines in a book these days I also really liked Dylan He was sweet thoughtful caring and had a dirty talking mouth I have to say that the mistakes that Dylan and Lex made throughout the story started to drive me crazy They both were so uick to walk away and not try to work things out together I will say though they had smokin chemistryThey melted my kindle many times SCHOOLED is a stand alone novel with a happy ending If you are a fan of the college based love story that is in the New Adult Genre then you should definitely give this a try This book was filled with laughter love angst and some really steamy scenes I loved when Dylan explains friction to Lex I look forward to reading Ava s story and hopefully seeing Dylan and Lex again I know I will continue to read books by this authorFollow Us at Book Bitches Blog Facebook Twitter

review ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ñ Piper Lawson

review ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ñ Piper Lawson Free read Schooled 107 He transfers inDylan Cameron's than my best friend's younger brother He's tall dark and broody and there's a reason I haven't seen him in years But when Dylan shows up at my birthday party he's all grown up uick with a joke and hotter than hell He's also not the guy I thought he was not even close But one sco. 4 to 45 starsSchooled is the first novel published by Piper Lawson and as far as I m concerned it s certainly not a bad one I really had a blast reading this college romance storyWho should read this book Fans of YA novel with college romance If you re looking for a light read with a driven heroine and a sexy but uite innocent best friend s younger brother with a little something different it could be your bookThe plot in a nutshellLexi and Ava are best friends for life both in their last college year Ava is in fashion design creative and gifted at making clothes and Lexi is a very dedicated business student They want to make their dream come true launching their own fashion business once out of college Lexi has already made interesting contacts with a fashion magazine and is working on their business plan Dumped by her four year boyfriend Lexi made a no boy pact with Ava and is determined to respect her deal as boys would only distract them from their main goalAt her birthday party Lexi will speak with Ava s younger brother Dylan She barely knew Dylan but thought she knew his type He was the type of guy that ignited female imagination and libidos despite zero potential for anything serious And Lexi was the type of girl who rolled her clothes for optimal packing and alphabetized her books A little bit drunk she ll have a scorching kiss with the surprisingly inexperienced hot boy She will become obsessed with him but will fight their attraction with all her might He does not fit in her plan is a bad idea and best friend s younger brother are a no go ButDylan is persistentWhat makes it different from current other college stories and why did I enjoy it so much the one person point of view Lexi s helped to retain some secrecy Dylan had secrets to keep and we could only discover them when he decided to confide in Lexi It aroused my interest this is not the nerdjock love story Dylan is not the college star uarterbackhockey starsoccer player Neither is he your traditional womanizer bad boy He is still sexy dark muscled with a bad boy vibe buthe is a very hot nerd undercover the heroine is older not by much than the hero She is not the inexperienced virgin waiting to be deflowered by the hero It s a role reversal and I loved it Dylan is a complex character Not an ber alpha but he is still protective and caring nonetheless He is not a player but he s got the reputation of one Innocent in some ways yes I mean sex he is an eager and fast learner yay He is hiding some secrets and may have a hidden agenda He was unpredictable never reacted as I expected and surprised me all the time I loved it No telegraphed reactions he was sneaky and played stubborn Lexi with finesse All s fair in love right Lexi is not the feistykickass heroine but she also is not the shy and broken type She could be a sexier version of the girl next door with a strong drive She is stubborn has her own issues but was not overwhelmed by them Sarcastic but not in an overboard way her humor and banter was fun and entertaining annnnd I loved Dylan s physics lesson about friction I ll never look at a sink in the same waySo congratulations Piper I had a great time