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Islam as Political Religion

Islam as Political Religion Free read ¶ 100 This comprehensive survey of contemporary Islam provides a philosophical and theological approach to the issues faced by Muslims and the uestion of global secularisation Engaging with critics of modern Islam Shabbir Akhtar sets out an agenda of what his religion is and could be as a political entityExploring the views and arguments of philosophical religious and political.

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Islam as Political Religion Free read ¶ 100 He power structures of today's society Akhtar offers a detailed assessment of the limitations and possibilities of Islam in the modern worldProviding a vision for an empowered yet rational Islam that distances itself from both Islamist factions and Western secularism this book is an essential read for students and scholars of Islamic studies religion philosophy and politic.

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Islam as Political Religion Free read ¶ 100 Thinkers the author covers a raft of issues faced by Muslims in an increasingly secular society Chapters are devoted to the ur'an and Islamic literature; the history of Islam; Sharia law; political Islam; Islamic ethics; and political Islam's evolving relationship with the West Recommending changes which enable Muslims to move from their imperial past to a modest role in t.

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