[E–pub/E–book] Demon Bait (Children of the Undying, #0.5)

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  • Demon Bait (Children of the Undying, #0.5)
  • Moira Rogers
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  • 23 February 2020
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Demon Bait (Children of the Undying, #0.5) review ✓ 103 Rrifying incubus lust heats Gabe s blood and sex fuels his magic Innate charm and charisma help him navigate the cultural gap between the outcast town he calls home and the human settlements he infiltrates for trade His latest mission nets him an unexpected asset a summoner strong enough to soothe his darkest needsTrust a half demon especially one who uses a lockdown to trap them together Not in this lifetime Yet Marci can t resist Gabe s offer to see her safe. This is a cool and interesting novella world I look forward to and hope they expound on it and create some full length novels so I can learn Fuller review to come What Sucks Us In Will Surely Swallow Us Whole (Notes from the Window) resist Gabe s offer to see her safe. This is a cool and interesting novella world I look forward to and hope they expound on it and create some full length novels so I can learn Fuller Vermeer's Camera Uncovering the Truth behind the Masterpieces review to come

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Demon Bait (Children of the Undying, #0.5) review ✓ 103 His mark could bind her forever or finally set her freeChildren of the Undying Book 1Fifty years after a demon apocalypse devastated the world summoners still bear the bulk of the blame Marci lives in secret hiding the gifts that could cost her a secure spot in one of humanity s underground cities and access to their virtual world After all her chances of avoiding the genetic testing lotto are better than her chances of surviving topsideThe bastard son of a te. 25If you like your series finished don t start with these authors until you ve checked They got me hooked and thensplat Interesting concept no follow through I ve noticed that with their Kit Rocha brand as well Gideons Riders being a prime example

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Demon Bait (Children of the Undying, #0.5) review ✓ 103 Ly to a selective outcast settlement where she can live without fear The journey alone is as dangerous as the way Gabe makes her heart race but it could be her one hope of a real lifeIf only she could be sure Gabe s telling her the whole truthWarning Contains a virtual world where humans flee to escape the demon infested earth a dangerously seductive half demon with sex magic to burn and a network hacking summoner brave enough to make herself vulnerable to him. 35 starsIt s fifty years after the demon apocalypse and most people now live in underground cities where they spend a lot of time in a virtual world Marci is a network technician who lives in fear of being randomly selected for genetic testing She s part summoner and if anyone finds out there will be terrible conseuences No one is aware of her secret except for the sexy and dangerous GabeGabe is part incubus from an outcast settlement and it s his job to do what he can to find trade for his people He s sent to Marci s colony and is surprised to find a summoner living among humans After a lockdown is issued Marci and Gabe find themselves alone together and Marci can t help be both scared and attracted to him Gabe wants to prove he is not ruled by the lust but the longer they re together the difficult it is to resist her With a promise from Gabe to see her safely back to his colony where she ll live without fear of punishment Marci hopes she is making the right decision to trust him with her heart and her lifeBefore the fall of cities and the rise of demons that have people taking shelter underground summoners could call and control a demon Now the tables have turned and the humans blame summoners Marci has to hide who she is from everyone or take a chance topside in one of the outcast settlements In the beginning I thought that Marci was weak for choosing to stay among people who could exile her But as I read on I realized that Marci was born into a bad situation where her mother instilled the importance of keeping silent and she just thought it was the safer option It didn t make her weak it made her a survivor and I admired her for thatGabe s arrival throws a wrench into Marci s carefully lived existence He d like her to come to his outcast settlement of Rochester where she wouldn t have to hide what she is Her summoner blood calls to him but it s something that makes him want to explore things further Gabe is part incubus and was born after his human mother was held prisoner by demons He would never force himself on a woman like his father did and when Marci unknowingly uses her powers to draw him in he sends her away even though it causes him pain He isn t a perfect hero which are my favorite kind but he is loyal and will do anything to give Marci the life she deserves My only real issue with Gabe and Marci was their relationship I ve come to expect a certain uality in a Moira Rogers couple and I thought these two kind of fell flat The sexual chemistry was there but I just wasn t wow d with the emotional connection I don t think they made a bad couple it s just they aren t the best that I ve come across while reading other books from these authorsDemon Bait takes place in a post apocalyptic world where half breeds like Marci and Gabe not only have demons to fear but also humans It s rare places like Rochester they can call home The settlement s leader Dominic Wetzel is strict and punishes those who break the rules or hurt someone Zel is only in a couple scenes but he has a commanding presence that lingers even after he s left I m very interested in learning about this character and I was very excited to learn that his book Hammer Down will be the next release in the seriesI wasn t a big fan of the technology or the virtual world It just isn t my thing but I see why it would be a necessary escape for those who live in a world like that in Demon Bait I still ended up enjoying the book and its uniue and often scary world that these interesting characters are from I d recommend this to someone who likes sci fi mixed with paranormal romance Stephanie G