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  • Death Magic
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  • 09 October 2020
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Free read Ó Death Magic 100 Steady nonexistent air current starting at the left rear of the range and coming straight at herThe uick clamp of fear irrational and immediate stiffened her spine as it widened her eyes As the thing floated closer it stretched out a hand and. You can also read this review at Reflections on Reading Romance Rating 45 out of 5Eileen Wilks World of the Lupi is one of my favorite series and I believe that it s seriously underappreciated among fans of urban fantasy and paranormal romance The heroine Lily Yu is the only female protagonist of Asian descent that I can think of in urban fantasy if you know of any others I d love to hear about it and she is one tough chick I love her relationship with werewolf Rule Turner and if you re a fan of JD Robb s In Death series and its longstanding couple Eve Dallas and Roarke I think you will enjoy Ms Wilks series as well With the exception of Night Season book 4 which focuses on another couple the series is devoted to Lily and Rule If you are new to the series I highly recommend that you not begin with Death Magic While you could probably follow along easily enough you would be missing so much of the back story that I think it worthwhile to recommend that you start with book 1 Tempting Danger This review will contain spoilers for earlier books in the series so consider yourself forewarned Watching Rule and Lily meet and fall in love is too much fun to miss and Tempting Danger is one that I find myself re reading freuently Another favorite is book 5 Mortal Sins because we get to see Rule interact with his charming 9 year old son Toby but my absolute favorite in the series was Book 7 Blood Challenge That said Death Magic was an outstanding addition to the series and I highly recommend itDeath Magic deals with the beginning of the Lupi s war against their enemy the female goddess referred to only as the Great Bitch and as such the novel is darker in tone than many of the others Rule and Lily are back in Washington DC because they are testifying at Senate hearings Lily is conflicted about her job because Ruben Brooks her superior at the FBI informs her that he s heading up an extra governmental organization to fight their enemy and invites her to join Lily s torn because this organization violates all her beliefs about rule of law but Ruben s precognition has sent him visions of an apocalyptic future if they don t manage to stop their enemy Lily and Rule have had previous run ins with this enemy since she tends to operate throuth the anti magic group Humans First When the Senator uestioning Rule and Lily at the hearings is discovered murdered and a witness places Ruben Brooks at the scene Lily joins the official investigation But just as the case becomes involved Lily begins to experience mysterious migraines and stroke like symptoms Can she continue the investigation while fighting a formidable enemyMs Wilks novels are always complex and feature tight writing and Death Magic is no exception The world building in her books blows me away particularly this one since we learn about the rules governing magic How she manages to keep track of them all much less invent said rules never fails to astonish me The secondary character of Cullen Seabourne sorcerer and lupus serves as our main source for this information but I like that we learn about the world gradually through give and take with Cullen and other characters so there s never an infodump The pacing of the novel is also well done We have several plotlines running simultaneously with no confusion on the reader s part The threat hanging over all the characters of a possible apocalypse maintains the tension throughout the novel but the last fourth of the novel really takes off with a white knuckled race to the finish While I was able to identify the traitor Lily and the others were looking for fairly early I was surprised by the plot twist concerning Ruben I did NOT expect that at all and kudos to Ms Wilks for a clever resolution to that situation My main complaint about Death Magic has to do with my affection for certain secondary characters in the series than any flaws in the writing which is stellar as usual Cullen is one of my favorite characters but because of the darker tone of this novel we see less of his charm than usual Also neither Toby nor Benedict makes an appearance and the absence of Lily s Grandmother is very much felt I m not sure that their presence is necessary to advance the story but as a fan of the series I missed them Overall this is an outstanding addition to the series I enjoyed the deepening relationship between Lily and Rule and I thought that the anger and resentment Rule felt towards the lupi s Lady because of Lily s health was an interesting development in his character If you re a fan of werewolves in any form I highly recommend Death Magic and the World of the Lupi

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Free read Ó Death Magic 100 It was white Maybe that’s why she immediately thought ghost It drifted on a diagonal like three dimensional rice paper translucent not transparent its edges too clearly defined for smoke its shape vaguely human but faceless It floated on a. Not uite as good as the previous book but still really solid The characters are what make this series Yes there is plenty of bloodshed mystery dark magic and war but it is still a character driven seriesA new favorite of mine is Fagin and older intellectual eccentric teacher who has the same magic gift as Lily He was a nice source of amusement in an otherwise dark storylineAfter completely handing a cop guard his ass for not allowing Lily into the room Fagin had enjoyed himselfYou must be feeling better she saidPain makes me grumpy Abusing some hapless mote of the bureaucracy is a pleasant distraction See He s fun If you can use hapless mote of the bureaucracy in a sentence you are golden in my bookBut I do always hate books with strange names for the characters Fagin isn t that bad because it s his last name but there is the mention of another guy by the name of Eberhardus Czypsser Really book I have to feel sorry for any audiobook reader on that one because the pronunciation I came up with is Everhard Siss pisser How can I take this guy seriouslyThe beginning of this book was pretty slow A lot of thinking about their feelings and crap But it picked up pretty good at the middle point and really exploded at the end Oh wait I need to tell you about another problem I have with the series the sex scenes in these books are terrible If you can t write a sex scene just don t Sometimes the fade to black is much better than some awkward and not sexy scene going on And considering how much of a wolfman whore Rule was before Lily I m not impressed I would think he could make things a bit interesting sigh Maybe I ve just read too much smut My expectations are too highOh well It s not like I m going to stop reading smut That would be ridiculous and way too reactionary Maybe I ll just have to write some fan fic to get some satisfactory sexy times for these people I m sure I d be great at itOh yeah That s like it

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Free read Ó Death Magic 100 Yes it was a hand For all the vagueness of the rest of the form that milky hand was painstakingly clear from the mound at the base of the thumb to the lines crossing the palm to the band of a ring on the third finger A hand palm up Beseechin. Rating 475 It s been uite a while since I ve read a book in this series To be perfectly honestI kind of forgot about it How I don t know because I love this series these characters the adventures they freuently are thrust into and all the love friendship turmoil and danger that comes along with itThe difference in Rule and Lily s relationship is night and day compared to what it was in the first and even second and third books Lily understands the Lupi world and customs now embraces it and even RIDES for them when the time comes Whichif you have ready ANY of these booksthe time to Ride for the Lupi and their cause is all the timeEight books in and cruising on the same overarching storyline you would think the plot would have dried up or become repetitive by now But I forgot just HOW many paranormal creatures there are and how many nefarious ways someone can try and ruin your lifeor the world Humans First is an organization that detests anyone who isn t of pure blood meaning not only can they not be a Lupi but they also cannot be an abomination that is born with a Gift But these aren t just your run of the mill idiots who march outside of Planned Parenthood with picket signs These are people who have connections in high places People who are willing to use the very power and magic they hate against the people they believe are abominations And as we all knowwhen a group of people have a righteous cause it doesn t matter who gets in the way innocent or not anyone is disposable in the name of that cause And of courseThe Lupi Gifted Lily Yu and all of her friends who are the targets of this bigotry and hatred are the very ones that come to the rescue every single time Even when their backs are against the wall and they re being set up for crimes they didn t commit Even when it seems like everything they do is a result of manipulation by some unknown and unseen power Even when they know they are going up against opponents who cannot possibly be uelled or defeated They show up and show out every time and that is why I love these booksI think it s the bravery I like reading these books and seeing these characters tackle insurmountable challenges and win because it makes me feel like if the very same situation were thrown at me I d not only be able to overcome them but also willing and eager to Reading about Lily Rule Cullen Scott Chris the Brownies EVERYONE be so brave for whatever reason is the most exciting thing to me It s like no matter what you throw at them all they need is a minute to assess the situation and then its GO time Death Magic even gave me a little bit of Isen out of his element too which I loved Isen to me is like Bran in the Mercy Thompson series They re these strong and dangerous yet honorable powerhouses who demand respect with just their presence and instill fear with just a lookBut these authors know what they re doing because you only ever get JUST a little bit of them every few books Well dammit I want I wouldn t mind a whole book about JUST Bran or Isen at this point because they re that intriguing and fun to read aboutI feel like I m rambling now so bottom line is book number eight in this series was a hit Not my favorite The climax was a little dry and I missed a few characters here and there but we all knowafter book five most times a series will start to fizzle out The World of Lupi and Eileen Wilks show no signs of doing that and I m excited about reading the rest of this seriesRecommendation I will yell it from the bottom of a canyon or from the top of the highest mountain READ THIS SERIES Yes it s long but I am in a space where if a series is no longer cutting it for me I don t care if there is only one book left in the series I will not read it I wouldn t recommend this series if I thought it would be a waste of anyone s time By no means is it a series that will be for everyone but I certainly think it is a series that is worth giving a shot