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  • The Word On Finances
  • Larry Burkett
  • English
  • 23 May 2020
  • 9780802492388

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review The Word On Finances 100 T attitudesWrong attitudesCredit Giving and providingGod's blessings and cursesInvestingWork and WagesGovernmentBorrowing bribery planning saving taxes and if the Bible mentions it it's in this book With Burkett's practical wisdom opening each topical selection The Word on Finances is a go to guide for spending money wisely and in a way that honors G

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review The Word On Finances 100 Every Bible verse on finances all in one bookIn a world of shifting economic realities few financial euations last very long In the marketplace countless writers analysts and con artists clamor for the public ear Whose voice can we trust Which financial principles will stand the test of time The Word on Finances sorts through the clamor of advice pla

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review The Word On Finances 100 Ns and ideas to bring us back to the final word we most need to hear God'sAuthor Larry Burkett has organized an invaluable collection of relevant Scriptures into one easy to reference volume Topically arranged New American Standard Bible passages and a concordance focus attention on 70 areas of finance and stewardship all grouped under 8 headingsRigh