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  • خوفناک عمارت
  • Ibn-e-Safi
  • Urdu
  • 04 October 2020
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FREE DOWNLOAD خوفناک عمارت 108 En a story full of suspense and laughs begins Suspense because of the cause of death and secret of the building and laughs because of Imran’s behavior which is very comicCaptain Fiaz Superintendent of Intelligence bureau starts to solve the case but he is always in need of Ali Imran to solve the cas I uite liked Ibn E Safi His stories are the kind that should be made into movies His protagonist Imran is portrayed as a strange funny man foolish mostly but someone who is highly sought after by people who know him to help them solve mysteries He is a member of the Intelligence division Hard to believe per the initial characterisationI love the set up the characterisation though I d like explanation and the language It flows well however I d have liked a little explanation into why Imran behaves the way he does His foolishness borders on being extreme Just a simple reason why he does this apart from to fool his opponents who are rather foolish to fall in

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FREE DOWNLOAD خوفناک عمارت 108 Es and this time also Imran with the help of his sharp mind and power of decision solve the case and disclose Sir Jahangir a well reputed and honored man as an agent of enemy Imran resolve the case of some foreign office’s very sensitive papers which were robbed by some criminal elements long time a Be shocked be amused be outrageously stupid But be not bored Coz here is Ali Imran

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FREE DOWNLOAD خوفناک عمارت 108 KHAUFNAK IMARAT The Terrifying Building by Ibn e Safi is very thriller Urdu novel It is the first novel of Imran Series a best selling Urdu spy novels series created by Pakistani writer Ibn e Safi It was published in October 1955The story is about a terrifying building where a dead boy is found and th I was very young when I was introduced to Ibn e Safi s Imran SeriesThe pioneer of detective fictionin Urduhad launched a new characterAli ImranFor decadeshe was the most popular character in Urdu fictionOutwardly a buffoonhe was a formidable detectivewho headed the Secret ServiceIn that avatarhe was known as X 2and his subordinates were terrified of himHe could also take on any number of baddiessingle handedlyand had mastered the arts of dodging bulletsand changing his appearance at willthrough make upHe was fluent in innumerable languagesand held a doctorate in chemistryAt the time I read itit was pure escapist funImran s adventures took him to several exoti