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  • The Hunt The Big Bad Wolf #4
  • Heather Killough-Walden
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  • 23 July 2020
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The Hunt The Big Bad Wolf #4 Free read Í 100 Ive up her cause and believe Caige when he professes his innocence Or should she fight him and possibly avenge her father’s taken life – even while she forfeits her ownThe Hunt is the fourth book in the New York Times bestselling paranormal romance Big Bad Wolf series by Heather Killough Walden. Oh I 3 Byron Each book just keeps getting better

Summary The Hunt The Big Bad Wolf #4The Hunt The Big Bad Wolf #4

The Hunt The Big Bad Wolf #4 Free read Í 100 L – but unfortunately she’s a Hunter and she’s convinced that Byron murdered her father twenty years agoShe’s also Byron’s dormantAs supernatural war breaks out amongst the otherworldly of Earth and threatens the existence of entire races Kat is faced with a terrible decision Should she g. 35This was the best of the 4 stories with by far the most interesting characters although it did lose energy part way through Overall though it was enjoyableOnce again I have marked this down because of the volume of typos Please can someone explain to me why they think it is acceptable to publish a book of approximately 60k words with at least 20 typos in it Sarah J Mass Kingdom of Ash is at least 250k words and I only spotted two typos in her book If Sarah J Mass can do it why can t everyone else I simply do not understand I would have thought that the author would want their books to be the best that they can be but to me this reflects a not only a lack of pride but also lack of attention to detail in their work

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The Hunt The Big Bad Wolf #4 Free read Í 100 Byron Caige has been a prisoner for the last fifty years of his supernaturally long life Just when he gives up hope of ever knowing the taste of freedom again he is unwittingly rescued by the very same woman who only wants to see him dead Katherine Dare – Kat – is smart fast strong and beautifu. I will start by saying that this was an incredible book I don t even know where to start but I ll give it a go so others hopefully see this and go start buying these books HKW deserves all the recognition she can get there Firstly what I love about every single book is the charcters I am so invested in them all and have come to care for them all deeply Every single person is present in the newest book Nobody is left out Therefore the book comes in many different POV s Which is great There isn t one second spare to become bored By 25% into the story we have visited every single couple and most of the new people I was so happy to hear that Danny was pregnant and with twins Those precious scenes with Lucas and Dannai were beautiful It was so nice to see that they had gotten married and were so happy Also there were some scenes with Malcolm and Charlie From Malcolm POV we saw that he has changed a lot since he was mated to Charlie He s not uite so dark and brooding The curse that had been passed on to her when she was turned has now gone So they can now live happily without that burden I was so hapy to see Jesse Graves again I loved him in the last book Charlies grandfather the overseer died in the last book Jesse being sentinel was asked in the will to be the new overseer Imani Dannai s friend has taken Alberich s place as head of the coven There was deffinatley a spark between these two I don t think this is the last we have seen of them As always there were the really funny parts that in the middle of danger and chaos gave me a little chuckle Bryon and Kat were arguing about getting a hotel room Bryon yes we will be togther in that room You he said slowly and pointedly and meKat You re out of you fucking mind Bryon raised an eyebrow I didn t realise ladies said such things I loved this uote because it really showed Bryon for what he is at this stage in the book He is not from this time A lot has changed since he was taken prisoner 50 years ago Bryons electrical powers were awesome and ended up coming in very handy when he and Kat were locked up togther in an electronically controlled prison Say no The cave scene was a big step forward in their relationship I loved this uote Bryon Caige represented everything a mother ever warned her daughter about and it only made me wish he was mine even lol And the marking was HOT There was uite a build up of bad guys in this book eg Manuel Sanchez he wants to take over the Hunters since Phelans death Malachi Wraythe warlock king Father of the vampireoffspring princess who held Bryon captive The plotline to this book may have just been the best of them all I honestly could not put it down for than 5 minutes Most books I read I will admit that I skim uickly through some of the boring bits or POV s that I m not all that interested in But not this story I really hope that with the werewolf curse women not being able to have children and having no powers being lifted by KatherineKat that the race will flourish And lots of babies means we will probably see a lot of the practice lol All I can say is well done HKW Another fantastic addition to a series that is going from strengh to strengh Cannot wait to see who s book is next Jesse maye