Captive Lover (Westburg, #1) (PDF)

  • Paperback
  • 212
  • Captive Lover (Westburg, #1)
  • Patricia Logan
  • English
  • 11 August 2020
  • 9781937265090

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Patricia Logan ì 7 Free read Free download ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ì Patricia Logan Summary Captive Lover (Westburg, #1) Uard a man named Connor Black until Connor’s very wealthy family can pay to get him back What Marcus doesn’t suspect however is the attraction Dylan and Connor feel for each other the instant they meet While in Dylan’s custody Connor is at first afraid and then becomes angry and who better to take out his rage upon than his kidnapper What surprises Connor is that Dylan his big tough kidnapper refuses to fight back Dylan is powerfully attracted to Connor but won’t allow himself to become attached to the man because he fears that he'll eventually be ordered to kill Connor if he wants to get Jared back safe and sound Little by little Connor realizes that Dylan is reluctant in his task to guard him and he begins to trust Dylan Even powe. Dylan Yates is a good guy He works hard is raising his little brother Jared after their parents deaths and tries to save a little time for himself amidst all the pressures of his lifeConnor Black is a handsome young man son of a wealthy family He is out for a little funWhen Dylan meets Marcus Tucker his initial attraction turns sour when he sees the sexy mask slip and the ugliness underneath surface What starts as a uick one night stand goes south Dylan bails and thinks that s thatOr so he thinksWhen Marcus kidnaps Dylan s younger brother and forces him to help kidnap Connor their nightmare is just starting Will the budding attraction between Dylan and Connor survive what they are forced to do to survive and keep Jared safe when they discover Marcus is a pedophile And how will Demetri the young man Marcus snatched years before fit into the pictureMs Logan has bitten off a lot here with sensitive subject matter Child abduction pedophilia kidnapping abuse all heavy subject But that is the beauty of this book I think not every book should be light and fluffy There are plenty of them around and I like reading them as well as the next guy But sometimes I like to see an author take a chance and go to the dark side This story moves along at a good clip with Marcus and maybe Connor maybe the only morally certain characters I like that Dylan and Demetri are shades of gray and victims of circumstances at best cowards at worst This is not a fun read The sex is hot and the bond that forms between Connor and Dylan is it Stockholm Syndrome or real love Can Demetri be redeemed or have the years of abuse killed his spirit But again not every read is meant to be funI applaud the risks Ms Logan took here I found myself suirming as often as not as I thought about what I would do if faced with the choices Dylan is forced to make And that is the sign of a good book when you are forced to think beyond the obvious Good job Ms Logan Keep taking these risks Top ratings for the risks involvedTom

Summary Captive Lover (Westburg, #1)Captive Lover (Westburg, #1)

Patricia Logan ì 7 Free read Free download ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ì Patricia Logan Summary Captive Lover (Westburg, #1) Rful than trust Connor finally realizes his own deep attraction to the beautiful man Is it just Stockholm Syndrome or is it something As the two men are forced to live together in the cramped surroundings of Marcus’s hideout the walls between them crack and finally fall Dylan gives in to his longing and he and Connor become lovers When Connor finds out the truth of who’s behind the kidnapping and the hold Marcus has over Dylan he's determined they face the menace together The men plan their escape keeping in mind that not only must they get themselves out alive but they must see to it that Jared isn’t harmed in the process It turns out that trying to get away from a man like Marcus Tucker and his armed guards isn’t an easy thing to. After running his own construction company and raising his much younger brother Dylan Yates just wanted to go out for a drink and maybe hook up with a guy for some steamy lovin Unfortunately he picked the wrong guy to pick up and his life spiraled out of control Marcus Tucker has secrets to keep hidden and he s worried Dylan will spill the beans to authorities with what he s seen at Marcus s house He decides if he makes Dylan fall into line by kidnapping a local guy Connor Black for ransom then Dylan won t be able to tattle on Marcus For insurance Marcus kidnaps Dylan s little brother Jared However Marcus isn t just a criminal with his fingers in many pies He s a pedophile and Jared is in danger than Dylan can imagine How will he get out of this nightmare situationThis story flowed smoothly was a compelling read and the sex was steamy A solid read I kept wondering how Dylan Connor and Jared were going to make it out of this terrible situation and I hoped someone would put a bullet in Marcus preferably in the groin first then between the eyes Ugh What a slimy scumbag shudder I felt Marcus was a bit of an idiot though and the story dragged on just a little bit but if you like suspense and MM romance then I recommend this book to youNaughty Reader s Boudoir and the author provided a copy of this story to me for review Please see disclaimer page on my blog

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Patricia Logan ì 7 Free read Free download ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ì Patricia Logan Summary Captive Lover (Westburg, #1) This edition is no longer availableDylan Yates isn’t a bad person but he’s fallen in with the wrong guy Marcus Tucker is a big bad and beautiful biker who runs a huge criminal empire Dylan hooks up with Marcus for a night of all out hot sex and only realizes after it's too late that Marcus is into young boys kids in fact Worse Dylan backs out of their planned evening together after meeting up with one of Marcus’s very young lovers Fearful that Dylan will expose him for what he is Marcus embarks on a plan to make sure Dylan doesn't expose Marcus' dark side Marcus kidnaps Jared Yates Dylan’s nine year old brother and threatens to “break him in” if Dylan doesn’t do exactly what Marcus wants Dylan’s assignment is to kidnap and g. I read this for Lucy since no one else had reviewed itThis book will not be for everyone That said it is not nearly as bad as the blurb makes it seem or made me worry it might beThis book is fiction but it was mostly realistic and detailed in its subject matter with some fiction that would never happen and he would never do that type of things Yes some parts made me extremely uncomfortable but they were short and overly uickly Nothing sexual happens to the young boys during the current story lines however past things are talked about or remembered about Markus the pedophile drug dealing bastard training young boys mostly Dmitri on the opposite side the Two MC s were overly sweet and a little sappy One of the MC s seemed like he was dumber than a sack of rocks most of the time and that frustrated me but with everything else going on it didn t get too bad There was a shit load of sex for the story taking place over a week but they were also locked in a room with not much else to do so The thing i hated most in this book was we get the Kidnapping pedophiles POV and his intimate thoughts I don t think these thoughts were necessary for the story they only made me hate the bastard and make me uncomfortable and nervous If you are on the fence about reading it i will give some spoilers what IMO were the worst things going onview spoilerIn the prologue we have the POV of an eleven year old Dmitri and his thoughts and fears as he is abducted by Markus I hated this it was tough to read Although you could skip it i would suggest reading itChapter 1 is 7 years later so Dmitri is 18 The MC and Markus don t have sex they get a blowjob that isn t even finished when the MC knows something is off and leaves Jared is 9 and Markus kidnaps him there is one short scene where Markus is rubbing Jared s chest and hair and is an uncomfortable scene but Dmitri interrupts it uickly Dmitri takes care of Jared and anytime Markus starts to show interest in Jared Dmitri sacrifices himself to distract him and some short scenes of sex between an 18 year old Dmitri and Markus are shown Basically all the uncomfortable scenes are between Markus and Dmitri There is one scene when the two MC s are being intimate and Markus walks in and when they try to stop Markus tells them to keep going so he can watch they mostly pretended he wasn t there but it was still just ewww hide spoiler