PDF KINDLE (A Love Game) BY Nicole Dere

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review à eBook or Kindle ePUB Ò Nicole Dere

A Love Game

A Love Game review Ú 103 Ife’s new independence and brutally rejects herUtterly bereft Jan searches for her friend Marty seeking out Ant Van Reis who immediately drags her into their erotic enclosed circle Jan and Marty become possessions of their master and mistress both prized and despised pleasured and severely punished But their uniue household is threatened and finally dissolved by the machinations of the lecherous local police chief Samwel Onama after being tipped off by someone from Jan's past life.

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A Love Game review Ú 103 An erotic novel with Femdom BDSM menage ff mm and bisexual themes The diffident Marty Dixon is delighted to fall under the entrancing and dominant influence of the beautiful Clio though marriage proves a rocky path Switching to an expatriate life in Africa fails to alter Marty’s helpless subservience as the passionate Clio becomes violently enamoured of macho South African Anton Van Reis She makes no secret of her affair until her weak and sexually ambivalent husband is compelled.

review à eBook or Kindle ePUB Ò Nicole Dere

A Love Game review Ú 103 To face losing her or becoming a slavish plaything in the lovers’ new setupMeanwhile a few miles away Janet Thoroughgood is enduring similar problems with her domineering husband Patrick her first and only boyfriend since her school days Bisexual Janet develops an innocent friendship with Marty through their interest in drama but also begins a secret sexual liaison with another married couple Mags and Dave Evans Though unaware of this Patrick Thoroughgood is furious at his timid w.

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