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Righteous Lies Characters ✓ 7 Patricia Watters Ü 7 Read & download Elf falling in love with a hard edged cowboy who appears to want to control every aspect of her life now that she's carrying his son But Jack has his reasons He also has no intention of marrying and Grace is determined to learn w. I was a little confused by the description of this story so just to clarify Grace was artificially inseminated with her dead husband s sperm Jack had donated sperm to his twin brother and his wife because his brother was sterile Grace and Jack meet at the fertility clinic when they come to learn that the clinic accidentally switched the samples and Grace is carrying Jack s baby while his sister in law is carrying Grace s deceased husband s baby Needless to say Grace is a little upset and the shock sends her in to early labor and she s relegated to bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy Because she was planning on raising the baby on her own she has no one to help her while she s on bed rest so Jack brings her back to his family s ranch so he can help her and get to know the woman carrying his child The story then tells how the women deal with these shocking circumstances and the relationship that Grace and Jack try to forge because they are now going to be co parents Overall I thought the story had some great potential good interactions between the characters I felt there was just something missing to push this over the top for me but I m not sure if I could name exactly what that was Maybe I wished for a little romantic lead up between Grace and Jack Not uite sure but this was a fun read and I m interested in seeing what comes next in this series

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Righteous Lies Characters ✓ 7 Patricia Watters Ü 7 Read & download Perm at the fertility clinic were accidentally switchedThe shock sends Grace into early labor and the only place she can have complete bed rest is at the Dancing Moon Ranch owned by Jack and his twin Sam But soon Grace finds hers. This is a wonderful story about the most unlikely event of sperm being mixed up at a fertility clinic The clinic has asked Grace Jack Sam and Susan to come in for a meeting with the doctor Once they met with the doctor and the clinic s lawyer they soon found out that they were not there for the reason they imagined Grace thought she was impregnated with her deceased husband s sperm and Susan thought she was impregnated with her husband s twin brother s sperm Since her husband was sterile due to cancer his brother agreed to donate his sperm They were told the sperms had been mixed up so the women were pregnant with each other s men s spermThe mistake was bad enough to deal with but each woman wanted their pregnancies for reasons other than just wanting a baby Grace wanted her dead husband s child but he had made just one deposit that went to the wrong woman Susan and Sam had another child who was ill and needed the cord blood from the baby her brother in law fathered So everyone was devastated by the mix up for several reasonsGrace was prepared to raise her child alone but when Jack found out that she was carrying his child he wanted to be part of the child s life and filed for joint custody The shock of learning about the mix up sent Grace in labor so Jack took her to the doctor who was able to stop the contractions Jack talked Grace into moving to the ranch he co owned so she would have people to look out for herI enjoyed this story even though I wouldn t wish this situation on my worst enemy I enjoyed the writing style of the author very much The characters were so varied that some I loved and some I almost hated Jack was one I really liked because he was so good at looking out for Grace and their unborn child even though he didn t know her I wasn t drawn to Grace at first because of the way she had set her mind on having her baby a certain way and she would not even look at any other options I started to like her later in the book when she mellowed out and was a good mother I was a bit surprised that Jack was attracted to Grace since she was such a city person and he wasn t Susan was pretty self centered and hard to like so I pretty much didn t Then there was Jack s ex wife Lauren who was so terrible that she made Susan look nice Sam and Susan s son Ricky was a cute little guy who I felt so sorry for with his illnessAll in all this was a good book that I highly recommend

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Righteous Lies Characters ✓ 7 Patricia Watters Ü 7 Read & download Grace Templeton thought the child she'd been carrying for seven months was the child of her dead husband And Jack Hansen thought the sperm he'd donated had gone to the wife of his sterile twin Until they learn that two vials of s. This story had so many plot holesLike Grace had to fly across the country because they needed the umbilical cordAlso most airlines don t give pregnet women after the 30th week access to a planeThere was too much drama in this book I didn t like it at all East of the Sun and West of the Moon. Old Tales from the North (Illustrated) in this book I didn t like Silent Order: Omnibus One (English Edition) it at all