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  • 09 July 2020
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Read & Download à Spoils of War Micah accept his noble birthright when they reach Alekia and importantly can he accept Eli as the devoted slave his father has given him rather than the master he's come to loveNote This book was previous released under the same title by another publisher It has been re edited and revised in this version. Excited to read this

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Read & Download à Spoils of War Enslaved during the invasion of the rival King of Herra Micah cut off his emotions and adapted to his new life in servitude Xerxes the Herran King abuses his captive to keep the neighboring kingdom of Alekia under his yoke but after Micah nearly dies when plague sweeps Herra the Alekian King sends Eli to. 45 stars rounded upThis is one of the best MM books I ve read The beginning is powerful and haunting the end pr

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Read & Download à Spoils of War Bring his beloved son home Conditioned by his slavery unable to cope with his freedom Micah seeks to please the new master he's found in Eli throughout their harrowing journey to a homeland he no longer remembers Eli protects the young man and introduces Micah to the pleasures denied him as a prisonerWill. 35 starsMicah is kidnapped when he is 8 years old and he suffers the life of slavery Then when he is 18 years o