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  • After School With Mr Obnoxious
  • Leigh Frankie
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  • 02 October 2020
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After School With Mr Obnoxious Read & Download À PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook What happens when the school's most unpopular girl suddenly steals a kiss from the school's most popular guy After their groundbreaking lip lock which Aar. I finished the book in a day as I just cant stop reading after I started reading chapter 6 There were a lot of dramas that had me say OMG and chapters that would had me laughing out loud that my kids would ask what s wrong ma Overall 5 stars I am a sucker for love stories and this had my heart beat and had me wanting to finish it right away to know how it will end with Banks and Lanter

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After School With Mr Obnoxious Read & Download À PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Suffer a same ordeal together they soon discovered within themselves what it really means to uncover each others pain mistakes and beauty layer after lay. Back to that time when Wattpad was my life college days this book has been one of the first books I ve added to my library finished and absolutely loved Back then almost all the books in my Wattpad library consisted of the same popular guy falls in love with a nerd or bad boy good girl love story I was not aware of the almost similar plots they have but I enjoyed reading them anyway And although at first this book seemed to have the same popular jock nerd girl story it was surprising how different it actually turned out Here we have a bunch relatable set of characters with real life problems which I found rare in Wattpad books I ve been reading that time Yes we still get to see some YA tropes right here the usual high school dramas cliues like the nerds mean girls and the jocks but they re done really well in my opinion The protagonist Sam is smart and sarcastic She s feisty and a bit cynical and she doesn t let anyone walk all over her especially the school s god almighty Aaron With Aaron though I found myself having a love hate relationship with him at first He s got the looks money and popularity but he is one big douche But as the story goes I m able to glimpse different sides of him The antagonist in this book is one mean creature and not just the usual dumb Barbie cut out Even the minor characters or the side kicks are very well crafted and interesting No one in this book is boring I bet you ll find yourself as invested to each one s stories as you are with Sam and Aaron s The third person POV makes this possible as the readers are able to see what s going on inside each characters heads Although not everyone gets much spotlight as the main characters it is still nice that we don t only get to hear one character s thoughts We get to see a bigger picture There s no insta love which is probably my favorite thing about this book Don t you just hate it when a character talks about how much she hates a guy but then after 3 chapters they re already all over each other like crazy puke There s real chemistry between Aaron and Sam even when they re still enemies I absolutely adore the slow burning romance between the two It makes the readers even excited to see how their relationship evolves and I bet you guys won t be disappointed Warning there s a lot of dramas There are the usual high school dramas like I said earlier that may seem overrated to you but there are also a lot of heavy topics involve here like bullying harassment teen pregnancy etc So many twists and turns in this story that will keep you hooked until the end So for short I highly recommend reading this one if you re looking for a fast and easy read Words can t even touch how much I enjoyed this book and now that this will soon be published I am extremely excited I can t even I have read this book than twice now and it s crazy how I m still excited over this being a real physical book that I ll be able to hold in my hands So go on my friends and read this baby I believe this will be available by the end of this month but a couple of chapters are still up on Wattpad I guess so you can read that and see for yourself if it s your cup of teaI was shocked to see my review was this long but because the author is a Filipina I guess I was a bit biased LOL Super proud of you Kimti Alex

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After School With Mr Obnoxious Read & Download À PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook On found unjust and extremely humiliating on his part he swore to make Samantha's life miserable But when an unlikely circumstance has pulled them both to. I liked the book for the most part There were a lot of grammatical errors throughout that it started to turn me off After awhile it just seemed like the book was getting to be too long