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The Potemkin Mosaic Free download ✓ 100 Down his dreams As Harry deconstructs his dreams he discovers that he Harry Potemkin may not be a real person His entire life might be nothing than a persona adopted by someone else as a way of coping with mental trauma As. First of all I love this book Second of all I haven t finished it If I waited to finish it I might be waiting a few years to write this review Because this book is not linear It is fragments and dreams in a patchwork of surreal Don t even try to read it front to back Really don t even try What I m telling you is you re going to have to figure out how to read all over again You will go back to this book over and over and get something new out of it every time Like Heraclitus river it won t be the same and neither will the reader If that kind of adventure reading sound exciting intriguing this is your book Even if you move it to the top of the to read pile it will be at your bedside for a long time Go ahead do it You know you want to

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The Potemkin Mosaic Free download ✓ 100 The Potemkin Mosaic is the dream journal of a man who is losing his mind Black market dream doctor Harry Potemkin edits people's memories for a living and when he suspects that his own memories are being edited he starts writing. There is no linearity to Mark Teppo s incredible The Potemkin Mosaic If you are looking for a straightforward plot and real world logic look elsewhere This will sear your eyes out of their sockets This is the realm of dream of astral fields of the hidden tunnels of gnosis and the far depths of psychologyPerhaps we should start with the book s blurb TH3y want you to be TH3iR agentHarry wants you to be freeNothing is what it seems but everything herein actually happenedTen years ago dream doctor Harry Potemkin realized someone was editing his identity in much the same way that he ventured into the minds of his psychologically damaged patients In order to discover how he was being changed he started a dream journal He also built a lexicon a persistent record of the symbolic markers that would enable him to remap his consciousness should it become severely fragmentedTen years ago Trinity Pharmacopoeia was about to release a new neurological nootropic called Atramabor a drug that would revolutionize how we sleep and dream Teh first promotional commercial for Atramabor aired once and was then mysteriously pulled Lawsuits contending that subliminal messaging was hidden within the thirty second spot were filed Within six months Trinity Pharmacopoeia canceled all plans to release Atramabor A year later the company dissolvedHarry Potemkin never woke up from his dreams In fact there is no evidence he ever existedNor are there any copies of the Atramabor commercial though there are documented interviews with individuals who claim to have been changed by what they saw All corporate records regarding Trinity Pharmacopoeia have been expunged from state and federal databasesAnd yet the battle between Potemkin and Trinity is very real It continues to this day TH3y know he can stop them unless TH3y get to him firstThe Potemkin Mosaic is Harry s exploration of his fragmented dream psyche This is the only record of his identityTH3y want you to read it because this is the only way Harry can be caughtAnd this is as straightforward as anything gets with this novel Yes novel Originally produced at the sadly defunct Farrago s Wainscot where your s truly had a few pieces of fiction published The Potemkin Mosaic in its original incarnation was a hypertext novel of incredible depth and complexity When I first heard that Mark was going to try to wrestle this non linear virtual text into something less non linear in physical format I was skeptical that it could even be done But he s pulled it off with panacheIt would be one thing a minor miracle if Teppo pulled off the structural heist alone But he s gone way beyond that The prose is compelling the subject matter an esotericist s dream literally Take for example the entry on page 163 entitled Cagewith the zodiac symbol for Auarius underneath the book is full of symbols and interesting typographyCAGE Black Iron Prison is the term you ll hear used by the modern seeker of gnosis It s a reference to the Archonic Construction of the Universe a theorythat multi dimensional intelligences are preventing us from realizing our full spiritual and cognitive potential by locking our minds in these psychic prisonsThere are a number of analogous mythological scenarios strewn throughout history so as a cosmological definition the Archonic Construction of the Universe is as good as any It benefits from being connected to Philip K Dick s paranoid visions which any competent oneironaut appreciates Modern culture suffers from a lack of decent mythological canon We should make our own because really we are children of the 3rd millennium It s time we believed in our own godsWhich brings me back to the concept of cages We continue to be trapped by second millennial constructs Hell even the apocalyptic terror of the end of the first millennium still pervades our psyches We re still too busy looking over our shoulders to realize the first apocalypse of the third millennium is rapidly approachingThat s another story I ll get to it laterCages No man can ever be imprisoned against his Will Crowley knew this once though he forgot it shortly after the other initiates and adepts started fawning over his transmission from teh desert Yes you can cage the flesh and you can even lock the mind into a cell but the Will is unbreakableJung gave it a different name individuation but didn t allow himself the freedom to imbue it with any lasting power Freud the last black magician of the twentieth century frankly had managed to bind Jung tightly enough that the Swiss psychologist never truly realized he had been cagedNow you could just turn the page and continue reading the entry on Casual Disarray with the symbol for Virgo under it but what s this To the side of paragraph 4 is a reference fragmentary p 209And to the side of the last paragraph burnblack p 26I like the side of burnblack Let s turn there It reads starting with a triangle character which I m not able to replicate here because my html skills suck Burnblack o falling star I ve tried to find the source of this uote but it has eluded me Like a number of the mythological and symbolic elements within my dreams I m starting to believe it as an admixture There is a fusion going on in my head and I can t uite tell if it is a matter of too much time in the Oneiroi or too many days and nights of being under the influence of narcotics hallucinogens and other psychotropic compounds My head is already warped enoughMore likely burnblack is of archaic origin possibly some lost bit of biblical apocrypha A reference to the fallen angels Or maybe the first of the fallen onesuomodo cecidisti de caelo lucifer fili aurorae How else would you describe the back of a being who was not burned by the fire of his wings but was burned by the fire of his fall And as my hand unconsciously strayed as I was writing down my dream sun darkened burnblack o falling star If God is the sun and you have been cast away from his grace would not sun darkened accurately describe your stateTo be burnblack is to be fallen But falling is necessary to find the path to ascension At least one must be willing to fall one must understand the falluod est inferius est sicut uod est superius et uot est superius est sicut uod est inferius ad perpetranda miracula rei unius Finally some use for those two stifling years of Latin classes from before the experiments and the drugs Not all of it was wasted timeAgain in the margins we are given the choice to seek out labyrinth fire or descent with corollary page numbers Or you could just continue reading going to the facing page titled IV The Library and attempt to forge a linear path through this labyrinth But you won t Your curiosity will pull you to another side entry and you will travel down the rabbit hole until you feel that you yourself are living the dream of Harry Potemkin Oh and incidentally for those who were wondering and I know some of you were wondering this book was published the same year that David Bowie s Blackstar was released though the original hypertext novel was published nine years earlier Methinks they were on the same wavelength if not tapping into the same esoteric substance Potemkin reaches into the ethereal grasps its strands and becomes enmeshed in the mists of dream puncturing the veil from time to time in sudden moments of startling lucidity only to find that beyond that veil is another and another and another It is an ambitious work a labyrinthine carnival that leaves the reader clutching at the ever shifting walls of reality and perception the author s the reader s and that of Potemkin himself Read wander lose yourself and try to find yourself again Sleep easy if you canThe original hypertext novel is still available here but I strongly recommend you pick up the physical book which is both a little manageable and a little unruly than the original in good ways Good luck See you on the other side

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The Potemkin Mosaic Free download ✓ 100 Harry falls farther and farther into the dream world he discovers both a secret history of dreams and a covert conspiracy run by a pharmaceutical corporation who has been testing mind altering drugs on unknown patients for decad. I received this as an e galley from ROTA Books through Edelweiss in return for an honest reviewSadly I was unable to finish this book While the premise itself sounds extremely fascinating and is the reason why I reuested it on Edelweiss it came with the warning that there would be lots of footnotes and references to other things on specific pages which would reuire a lot of flipping through the novel on the part of the reader Since it was an e galley however this made this process near impossible and thus I am not even sure if I was understanding the story correctly The overall feeling from the novel was much confusion as I had no idea what was happening or what anything meant Even knowing that this is supposed to be the dream journal of the narrator it lacked any cohesion for the first several chapters that would give me any insight into what these dreams actually meant to the narrator Further the style of writing felt as though it was mostly made up of ill used and unnecessary metaphors and similes that did not even seem to mean anything to the actual story or the dream Unfortunately while this was an interesting concept and it seems like it has potential I was not able to invest myself in it Perhaps it is because of the formatting of the novel and the physical necessity to move throughout it out of page order but I just did not feel that it was moving anywhere in a timely enough fashion or giving me anything that truly engaged my interest