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  • 06 December 2020
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Choices We Make Read & download ã 109 True identity Victoria Hart CEO of Bouvier and Hart Consulting Firm was still mourning the death of her mother who died suddenly from a brain aneurysm On the advice of her best friends she decides to treat herself to a two week vacation on a tropical island with a very handsome paid escort for her birthday Unbeknownst to her Dominic is not an escort but actually the founder and CEO of a major software corporation The two week vacatio Love and FamilyThis book takes you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions full of surprises with the turn of each page A storyline that engages you a hh that are intriguing and the other characters intertwine well with the plot I enjoyed Dominic and Victoria s story and meeting the Moretti family

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Choices We Make Read & download ã 109 Dominic Moretti software mogul had not been in a relationship since the love of his life left him two years ago His best friend convinced him to accompany the very beautiful and sexy Victoria Hart on vacation as an escort Realizing that he really needs a vacation and spending two weeks with a beautiful woman filled with sex passion and no commitment is just what the doctor ordered Dominic agrees on one condition she can’t know his CONTAINS SOME SPOILERSI ve just read 200 pages of two intelligent business savvy adults who could navigate their way through the corporate world and broker deals for their successful companies but could not bring themselves to be honest with one another about how they truly felt after a 2 week hookup Victoria and Dominic meet under one of the most unusual circumstances She is lonely and looking for some male companionship as she embarks on a much needed vacation Wealthy and in desperate need of a good lay Victoria takes her BFF up on her offer to set her up with a professional escort Vic s main stipulation is that the man be disease free because she wants to have raw sex as in no contraceptives of any kind used because one she hasn t had many lovers and the few times she has condoms were always used and two she couldn t possibly get pregnant because she had cancer as a child and was told she was sterile as a result of the aggressive treatments she was given Dominic on the other hand was doing his BFF a solid by agreeing to go on this trip and reluctantly agreed to the terms He didn t need the money because he was wealthy in his own right he took one look at Victoria and was like Let s do thisI pretty much predicted what would happen after the hookup Sterile woman gets preggo and man has a conniption Not only is she pregnant but it is a multiple birth To further complicate matters Nick has hooked back up with an old flame after he and Vic returned from their rendezvous and go their separate ways Mind you this all happens within the first 30% of the book The remaining 70% is these two going back and forth pretending they re not still feeling each other while secretly pining and dealing with the fallout of the pregnancy his skank ass excurrent boo thang Anna his massive extended family and Vic s trying to be respectful of his time and space while dying inside cause she still wants him even though he s with another chick ExasperatingThe one scene in this book that really got my blood boiling is when Nick s sister gushed over Vic s pregnancy and made the comment you know what they say about interracial babiesEveryone knows they make beautiful babies If that ain t some fetish y objectifying bullgirl bye 3 Stars

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Choices We Make Read & download ã 109 N was filled with commitment free fun in the sun Upon returning from their vacation they went their separate ways relaxed and rejuvenated Although they continued to think about each other neither acted on it as they went about to their separate lives Dominic’s one time love resurfaced and Victoria is given news that will change her life forever Neither was prepared for what was in store for them as a result of the choices they made Choices we makeDo you how many times I had skip this book and I m feeling silly This story was well put together I had enjoyed reading this love story and filled with drama I highly recommend this book