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Kweek Kinders Met Karakter Hoe Om Elke Boompie Na Sy Aard Te Buig Read & Download Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Wens jy saam met baie ouers dat kinders met ’n handleiding gekom het Hulle het dalkKinders se “handleiding” is in ’n groot mate in hulle unieke temperament opgeskryf In hierdie boek leer die kinderkenner Hettie Britz ouers hoe om elke kind s’n te volg Jy kan in ’n japtrap leer• hoe om jou jong boo. In reading and writing I love using metaphors and Hettie nailed the parenting journey with her gardening metaphor She used four types of trees to describe four temperaments that your kids could have or any combination of the four There is an online uestionnaire that you can complete to figure out what tree temperament type your child is growing to be and then the book teaches you about the characteristics strong points and weaknesses of that temperament and how to parent that child better Life is full of hard confusing scary weeds and other temptations and we all want our kids to grow into the plan the Father has for them Based on scriptural principles this book helps you to reach that goalSneak peakThe palm tree conjures pictures of an island with coconuts hanging from the tree and monkeys playing around the branches dancing to the beat of the hula these kids are jovial fun loving and live for the moment but do not like routine and choresA rose bush may be prickly but it produces the most beautiful flowers They reuire aggressive pruning but they re tough these kids are driven competitive and usually very successful but need to be shaped early in order to grow their beautiful rosesThe boxwood tree is often used as decoration and appears very neat and tidy and controlled Kids with this temperament thrive in situations with strict rules and regulations and have high standards for themselvesThe pine tree represents the calm you find in a plantation Pine tree kids are deeply anchored stubborn and not eager to be transplanted They are peaceful in nature loyal friends and very attached to their families I am not the whole story when it comes to parenting God other parents life friends and influences will parent with me I will deserve neither all the blame nor all the glory I will be stretched in the process Hettie Brittz Growing Kids with CharacterThis book is full of practical tips but also full of grace for parents You will feel euipped to handle discipline relationships and praise for your specific child There are even some characteristics outlined that you can start recognising from as young as babies and toddlers so the book grows with your family You do not need green fingers to have happy healthy children

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Kweek Kinders Met Karakter Hoe Om Elke Boompie Na Sy Aard Te Buig Read & Download Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Om jou kind se emosies wangedrag behoeftes en selfs prestasies reg te hanteer sodat sy ’n kind met karakter kan weesKweek kinders met karakter is spesiaal hersien vir besige ma’s Slegs die kernfeite en belangrikste aspekte is behou sodat jy in jou besige program tyd kan kry om die beste ouer moontlik te wee. Parenting is a difficult job no child arrives with an instruction book and whether you are a parent of one or many the innate nature of each child makes the task virtually incomparable Hettie Brittz Growing Kids with Character acknowledges that difference and offers guidance for parents who may be seeking answersUsing the Tall Tree Parenting Profile Brittz theories that children are like trees each reuiring different degrees of sunlight water fertilizer care and pruning While I didn t wholeheartedly concur with many of Brittz ideas parents raising children with uniue personalities will all agree that what works for one child may not work at all for anotherIf nothing else Growing Kids with Character offers struggling parents alternatives that might bring some relief to the often overwhelming mission known as raising kind caring and well adjusted human beingsA complimentary copy of this book was provided by Litfuse Publicity Group This review contains my own thoughts and opinions

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Kweek Kinders Met Karakter Hoe Om Elke Boompie Na Sy Aard Te Buig Read & Download Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Mpies so te buig dat hulle nie knak nie• waarom ’n straf vir een kind werk maar nie vir die ander nie• waarop om jou ouerskapinsette vir elke kind te fokus sodat jy met jou beperkte tyd die grootste impak kan maak• hoe om jou kind se “boomtaal” te praat sodat julle mekaar regtig kan verstaan• hoe. Growing Kids with Character by Hettie Brittz is a great guide for new and struggling parents that flows with Biblical teachings Brittz starts off with a few memories of her mom and thinking that she would not let the same things happen to her children as her mom did to her But as time went on God touched her heart and mind and so this book beginsIf you love nature you will enjoy the comparisons of children to specific types of trees and plants as the common ground is growing to be strong in the Lord bending but not breakingBrittz explains how parents also grow and change and that sometimes we can do everything right and still have to look on as our children make poor choices Like your own mistakes a child s serious blunder is not necessarily a sign of bad parentingI think you can give this book a once over read and then go back to use the different chapters as guides and tips to encourage yourself as well as your children