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CHARACTERS Roll Against Regret 100 Allyson Lindt ë 0 CHARACTERS And arousal spike Carter's the only man she’s ever loved other than Jackson Despite a complicated history Jackson and Carter hit it off in person as well as they did on line and Zoe gets one last incredible night with Carter while Jackson watchesBut one night isn’t enough She doesn’t want to lose Jackson but they’re both hung up on Carter for their own reasons and he’s nudging their relationship from eve A uick read It was ust OK nothing great Not bad either I almost put this book down but the story line picked up

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Roll Against Regret

CHARACTERS Roll Against Regret 100 Allyson Lindt ë 0 CHARACTERS Ry angle She needs to decide if she and Jackson can keep Carter in their lives without destroying what they have If not she'll have to relive the only regret she's ever had sending Carter packing and add a new one to the list by losing Jackson Warning This book contains sexy gamer guys vying for the same woman and each other serious doses of voyeurism and exhibitionism and a second chance that rocks all their worl Storyline and smut win win I enjoy this author s geeky yet steamy style This book is no exception with a lucky girl and her two guys Heat flooded my skin though I wasn t sure if it was arousal or embarrassment Both probably Regret and knowing Carter still lived in the same city meant I d played out a lot of awkward scenarios in my head about what would happen if he and Jackson ever met Not a single of those involved one hitting on the other Though Carter was the only other guy I d ever met who was as open about his bisexuality as Jackson Maybe I shouldn t be surprisedHot ex boyfriend who wanted another person in a relationship returns while she s talking with her current hot boyfriend who wants to add another 1 1 1 spicy sex scenes wrapped into a story with an actual plot as well

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CHARACTERS Roll Against Regret 100 Allyson Lindt ë 0 CHARACTERS Zoe’s broadened her horizons in bed and everywhere else since she hooked up with Jackson but their latest shared fantasy beats all others when it comes to turning her on He wants to watch her with another guy a mutual friend from the online game they play After all the three are in sync when it comes to slaying dragons and their flirting heats up the circuitsWhen Zoe realizes who the new guy is her anticipation 45 StarsWhats not to like when you have two hot nerds and their eually hot computer geek girl thrown into the mix This was a funny uirky sexy short story