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DOWNLOAD Ô The Meaning of the Mass Take in order to guide us in our study five of the names by which this service has been widely knownTo night I take The Sacrifice of our Redemption This title you will find at any rate as far back as the fourth century I take it from the Confessions of St Augustine a charming as well as a valuable book one of the great books of the world which I specially ask you to get and make your own this Lent i

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DOWNLOAD Ô The Meaning of the Mass F indeed you have not already done so In the last chapter but one speaking of his mother Monica's burial he says We went and returned without a tear Not even at those prayers which we poured forth unto Thee when the body rests beside the tomb before it is committed to the ground and the Sacrifice of our Redemption is offered for the departed as is the custom there not even at those prayers did I wee

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DOWNLOAD Ô The Meaning of the Mass Excerpt from The Meaning of the Mass Five Lectures With Other Sermons and AddressesI have been asked to speak to you on five evenings this Lent on the one great Christian act of worship the only service founded by our Lord Himself the service which in all essentials is the same now in the twentieth century as it was in the first the same here in England as it is all over ChristendomAnd I propose to

  • Paperback
  • 138
  • The Meaning of the Mass
  • Stewart Duckworth Headlam
  • English
  • 13 July 2020
  • 9781331679578