The Forever Dream (E–pub Free) è Iris Johansen

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  • The Forever Dream
  • Iris Johansen
  • English
  • 21 July 2018
  • 9780553248692

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Read The Forever Dream The Forever Dream Read & Download µ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook He promises nothing less than love without endExuisite radiant Tania Orlinov incomparable prima ballerina renowned Soviet defector she expresses the dreams of love only dance can revealbut seeks none of them for herselfBrilliant mysterious Jared Ryker an uncommon man with extraordinary vision a gifted genetic scientist he holds the k. This was bizarre one Written in the mid 80 s and early on in the author s career I guess I should ve expected some bad writing But usually IJ s oldies have heroes so overwhelming and un pc I feel guilty for loving them so much Because I do love them so much that isWith The Forever Dream it seems she tried to make the hero so not it became creepy Honestly I couldnt even finish it rightTania Orlinav is a celebrated ballerina escaped from the Soviet Union Jared Ryker is a genius recluse with a secret so deadly that people would kidnap and murder to keep him working on it rather than destroy himWhen he sees Tania for the first time dancing like no other he becomes instantly obsessed by her The men assigned by the government to protect him and keep him working notice the obsession and to keep him satisfied they kidnap her for his pleasureOnly he s not so pleased with their guerrilla tactics Still it doesnt stop him from keeping her with himAt first as determined to escape Jared as she was her former homeland Tania makes freuent attempts to flee strong cleaver attempts But soon she realizes she wants to stay because something about the lonely brilliant Jared Ryker draws her Especially when they both realize he s as trapped as she isDespite the beginning which you think is going one over the top way ala Secret Fire by another golden oldie author Johanna Lindsey the book veers off into even weirder and yes creepy territory with the author assuring us that it s all the bad guys and not the hero who are obsessive and controlling Something that should make a reader feel reassured however I gave up trying to care about these two long before he finally takes her to bed which believe me couldnt have been boring and stupid That scene effectively ended my patience for the story Im a virgin but Im scared to be dominated Its ok You re not being dominated no one is going to lead and no one is going to follow We re just traveling along this road together I paraphrased her part but his Pretty much word for wordAfter that hot mess I found myself throwing up in my mouth a little and skimming to the end ickOkay this was one of IJ s earliest full length novels so she gets the beni still Hot Mess Avoid at all costs unless you re a diehard collector like me

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The Forever Dream

Read The Forever Dream The Forever Dream Read & Download µ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Them stunning them both with its depth and intensity But their private fantasy is shattered by men determined to seize Jared's research and control its power Until in a fierce confrontation set against a windswept mountain splendor Jared and Tania must fight for their livesand for their freedom to build a future in each other's arms. I enjoyed the characters and setting of this book I hadn t realized I had already read this until I was almost done the book

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Read The Forever Dream The Forever Dream Read & Download µ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ey to an astonishing secretand years to share it with one special womanShe has become his obsession He longs to possess her with an enduring passion that time can never destroy But when she is brought to him against her will by those who covet his secret Jared is torn by needand seduced by her beauty Inevitably desire flames between. I liked this one and yet I didn t I m not sure if I can explain it it may just be my personal preferences The writing was very good the pace was good and the story took a few turns that surprised me I think that I was botheredfrustrated by Tania s hot then cold attitude towards Jared it went on too long for me There were some things I felt were a bit over the top but went with this story I won t say what they were because it would spoil too much Overall I liked Tania she s a very strong and determined individual Jared is a man who has never known love and has always been lonely Finding Tania changes that even if she is brought to him in a way he would never have done Once I got past his arrogance which is deserved if annoying I fell for Jared He is loving and tender with Tania He understands her and accepts her for who she is flaws and all I would recommend this especially to those who like contemporary romance with angst and mystery Oh and some HOT times between the H and h I do wish there had been to the end I got my HEA but a less abrupt conclusion would ve been satisfying I received a copy from the publisher for an honest review