Her Wedding Wish [E–pub/Pdf]

  • Paperback
  • 224
  • Her Wedding Wish
  • Jillian Hart
  • English
  • 06 May 2020
  • 9780373874835

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Free read Her Wedding Wish õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Uture they'd dreamed of was gone But with a lot of faith and a sweet new courtship Danielle's handsome husband just might fall in love all over aga. The McKaslin Clan series is one of the larger miniseries under Love Inspired all written by Jillian Hart It is set in a small town in Montana and features the members of the McKaslin clan as they fall in love and demonstrate the powerful bonds of family community faith and forever love Her Wedding Wish is the sixth book in the third of the McKaslin series and focuses on Jonas and Danielle Lowell After years of a happy marriage Danielle McKaslin Lowell s perfect life is shattered with the news that her husband has been shot during a routine traffic stop and is in a coma For nearly a year she sits by his bedside only to have him wake up and remember nothing of his life with her Despite her many attempts nothing can seem to spark a recollection of her their children or their life together All seems lost but through a new courtship and their mutual faith they may just fall in love all over again This is a new type of love story for me I have seen the romance your long time love after they ve forgotten you but never in this way Throughout the novel the two of them deal both with his amnesia how it effects their family life and commitments as well as the physical effects caused by the bullet and subseuent coma It is a sweet love story of a husband falling in love with his wife all over again despite the difficulties involved We also get a good look at life and love in the McKaslin clan with references to previous books and little story hooks that leave you wanting to read the other books in the series as they come out Both characters are compassionate and loving evidenced throughout the book through their behavior Despite Jonas lack of memory he is still doting and loving towards his two children and as the story goes on we are given clear leads towards the fact that these are both people with a great deal of dedication towards their community and church The themes of family forgiveness and kindness are well evident and not uite shoved down your throat For its positive factors there are flaws to the book number one being the fact that it can feel a little preachy after so many chapters reinforcing the idea of trusting in God s plan every time Danielle or Jonas felt doubtful or upset about their situation Honestly a chapter or so of them dealing with the fact that this is a shitty situation would have been nice and a good effort towards convincing the reader that feelings of doubt of grief and anger are acceptable when something so enormous is dropped on you It doesn t really pass the Bechedel test either as every conversation the many women in this book have seems to revolve one way or another around men I would recommend Her Wedding Wish to any fan of the Love Inspired line of books particularly those who enjoy Jillian Hart and her other McKaslin Clan novels I would give it 3 hearts out of 5

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Free read Her Wedding Wish õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Llection of her and their young children but he could look at his adoring wife only with a stranger's gaze His memory of the life they shared the f. Sweet novel about a real marriage love Very touching

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Free read Her Wedding Wish õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Jonas Lowell a police officer shot in the line of duty now had amnesia And his wife Danielle McKaslin Lowell had tried everything to spark his reco. Uniue yet beautiful story of love faith perseveranceHow often do we face tragedy or hardship and do not look to the One who is in control of all of life instead we try to be stronger physically or emotionally or run away This a great story to remind us were to keep our focus