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  • Paperback
  • 400
  • Behaving Like Adults
  • Anna Maxted
  • English
  • 15 October 2020
  • 9780060096687

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Behaving Like Adults Free download È 104 Party entertainer So when her friends dare her to pick a man off the top of the pile she's gameBut in one awful evening the seemingly perfect Stuart turns out to be a complete cad and Holly's belief in the goodness of humanity takes a hit What does it mean for her business and her romantic future if sh The first paragraph of the book got me hook line and sinker Modern women don t believe in love Believing in love carries roughly the same stigma as halitosis It s as old fashioned as going on a diet as opposed to a detox It suggests you have no sense of irony and you like Meg Ryan films the traditional sort A modern woman cannot accept that Father Christmas is a fraud and persist in believing that one sunny day her dark handsome destiny will appear in a puff of Fahrenheit and haul her off to Happy Ever After I know all that and yet I do believe in love I apologize But I can t help itIf you like Chick lit and English wit then you should like this It does deal with a pretty serious topic as noted in other reviews but overall it s just a cheeky good read It s actually uite funny and had me laughing out loud on than one occasion I definitely enjoyed her writing style enough to seek out other books by this author I did however feel rather disheartened by the serious subject matter as I wasn t expecting it and had picked this up hoping for a good ol fashioned escapist and entertaining fluffy read Still I would recommend it just for lines like this But mainly I can t forgive her for coming to our house and saying in front of the cat Whenever I see an animal charity I walk straight past itI love that

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Behaving Like Adults Free download È 104 Meet Holly the sunny twenty nine year old owner of Girl Meets Boy a dating service for those who are beautiful inside and out Though she's a successful matchmaker she hasn't uite fulfilled her own relationship dreams her ex fiancé Nick seems unlikely to progress from his job as Mr Elephant children's This is of a comic confessional to a degree albeit with a dark heart that the reader is almost ambushed with in light of the tone and style of the book and the book cover it could be said Optimistic dating agency founder Holly has boy troubles that get a whole lot worse when she agrees to date somebody on her books the ensuing dark date changes her life and not for the better Can Holly get her life backMaxted has taken on a difficult task in trying to build a somewhat humorous novel around such a dark subject and although she writes Holly really well it all still feels like a serious mismatch 5 out of 12

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Behaving Like Adults Free download È 104 E can no longer trust her ability to read people Holly's friends and colleagues are drawn into the complicated drama of her life while Holly learns her most important lesson to trust herselfRueful and hilarious Behaving Like Adults is a must read novel of men and women growing up in spite of themselves i m glad to say this book ended much better than it beganthings taken seriously interesting events that occurred pretty good considering how frustrated i was early on 252008i m becoming unsatisfiedfrustrated with maxted the i read her this one has some weird references to a possible date rape scenario seems to minimize it much in the way one of maxted s other books minimized the main character s anorexia it s too bad because otherwise her books are a lot of fun and funny too i will finish it though and see where i end up