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  • 08 May 2018
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Auric Gods Free download ↠ 102 Ively root out the Ultimate Enemy When Shield Captain Cartovandis receives a mysterious distress call from the planet Vorganthian he gathers a band of Custodians to investigate When they arrive they find a world in the grip of self annihilation overrun by Chaos cultists In a race against time the Custodians must find out what has happened and hunt. A deeper look into the Adeptus Custodes and the struggle still taking place after the daemon incursion that happened on Terra just a 100 years ago The 10000 are now stepping outside the palace and taking the battle to the stars in light of the newly created Rift that splits the galaxy The universe has indeed changed as a rogue factor attempts to resurrect what they believe is the Sigilite and must be stopped at all costs Riveting story that was non stop from the first page

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Auric Gods Free download ↠ 102 For millennia the Adeptus Custodes have stayed true to their sworn duty – defend holy Terra and the God Emperor to their very last breath But when the Great Rift tears the Imperium apart loosing tides of daemons upon mankind they are faced with a dilemma Should they continue to guard the Palace and the Golden Throne or take to the stars to proact. This book was hard to get through This is not accessible to those who don t know this corner of the 40k lore I have read my fair chunk of Warhammer books and I even had to stop and do a Google search to see what they where talking about once Hint if your subjecting yourself to this book Read up on the history of the Grey Knights There was a few plot threads going on at once and while that can work really well in some stories it didn t here It just made me feel lost as I was struggling to care about any of these flat characters The battles where well written but the rest was a mess

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Auric Gods Free download ↠ 102 Down those responsible before the madness has a chance to reach its true target – something much closer to their hearts Read It Because The superhuman heroes of the Adeptus Custodes are newly returned to the galaxy at large after millennia on Terra – how will they adapt to their new role and can they hope to defend an Imperium on the edge of ru. Auric Gods is a story about the Legio Custodes and their actions and operations in the Terra home system In the Light of Terra It is an interesting read which took a few chapters to get into being a novella I felt it was a little slow to get started However it does treat the Custodes in the same manner as the Space Marines with little humanity to bring you to like the characters or even dislike them Still a good addition to the Novella series