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review ☆ Dark City: The Lost World of Film Noir ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook E Muller who led readers on a guided tour of the seamier side of motion pictures in Grindhouse The Forbidden World of 'Adults Only' Cinema now takes us on a spellbinding trip through treacherous terrain Hollywood in the post Wor. Without warning Eddie Muller spilled the beans about everything that happens in While the City Sleeps 1956 I wanted to splash scalding coffee in his face plug his liver full of lead with my45 and then tie him to a wheelchair and giggle as I push it down a long flight of stairs Maybe I ve been watching too many films noir That might have been an overreaction But I knew I had to spread the word that this Muller character doesn t know when to keep his trap shut His Dark City The Lost World of Film Noir is a terrific contemplation of the best of that kind of movie It also offers information about the real lives of some of the actors for whom life unfortunately imitated their art But Muller doesn t know when to uit By the time he suealed about Force of Evil 1948 I had no one to blame but myself I d read too much and learned than I wanted to I haven t seen Scandal Sheet 1952 yet but I know the identity of that movie s Lonelyhearts Murderer I know what happens when Joan Crawford feels Sudden Fear 1952 and what leads to Union Station 1950 I know than is good for me And I know that if I ever re read Dark City it s good enough that I might I should skip at least the next three or four paragraphs every time Muller starts to describe a movie s plot Muller is not impressed with much of the analysis that s been published about film noir Conventional wisdom has branded these films bleak depressing and nihilistic in fact they re just the opposite To me film noirs were the only movies that offered bracing respite from sugarcoated dogma Hollywood style They weren t trying to lull you or sell you or reassure you they insisted that you wake up to the reality of a corrupt world uit kidding yourself Stand up open your eyes and be ready for anything Prayers go unheard in these parts To correct the record he takes us through Dark City after warning us to stay calm act natural and keep the windows rolled up Dark City was built on fateful coincidence double dealing and last chances Anything can happen and it will Muller discusses the major films noir and many of the minor ones as well including Private Hell 36 1954 which he calls one of the best dirty cop noirs He takes detours to give short biographies of some of film noir s major players such people as Ida Lupino who started her career as a sweet faced ingenue who dispensed straight talk with a tart tongue Lupino went on to produce and direct several acclaimed movies and was the only woman to direct a film noir The Hitch Hiker in 1953 Gloria Grahame inspired the advertising tagline You re destined to make wise men foolish She won an Academy Award but could not make the transition from B pictures to the A list She ended up having a scandalous sexual relationship with her 13 year old stepson whom she married briefly when he was in his 20s Muller points out other tragic intersections of real life and film noir make believe as when 20th Century Fox pulled Fourteen Hours 1951 from theatres and changed the ending when a studio executive s daughter killed herself in a way that was too close to the movie s original finale Muller guides his tour with polished patter He calls Jimmy Stewart s glimpse into a world without him in It s a Wonderful Life 1946 an angel dust inspired nightmare Of Orson Welles Touch of Evil 1958 he writes that watching it is like drinking vintage wine not long before it turns to vinegar The headiness the pungency and the uniueness are there but so is a ueasy aftertaste The filmmaking is intoxicating at times magnificent but as the coda of Orson Welles s Hollywood career it leaves a painful hangover Yep Muller talks a good game But one of these days that mouth of his is gonna get him into trouble

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review ☆ Dark City: The Lost World of Film Noir ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ld War II years when art politics scandal style and brilliant craftsmanship produced a new approach to moviemaking and a new type of cultural mythology  Dark City is a 1999 Edgar Award Nominee for Best Critical Biographical Wor. Eddie Mueller is probably the premier popular writer on film noir This is a really engaging and well written book and its conceit that noir films all take place in a single universe works better than you might expect

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review ☆ Dark City: The Lost World of Film Noir ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Welcome to Dark City urban landscape of the imagination A place where the men and women who created film noir often find themselves dangling from the same sinister heights as the silver screen avatars to whom they gave life Eddi. Got More Than You Bargained for Huh Yes and No I Should Have Considered the Follow up Costs Follow up costs What follow up costs can there possibly be hidden in a harmless book In the case of Eddie Muller s crazy roller coaster of a homage to film noir the answer is uite simple You will end up buying loads of films to complete your noir collection while following the author on his tour de force through the Mean Streets of Dark City For example such forgotten gems as Edward Dmytryk s The Sniper 1952 Robert Wise s Born to Kill 1947 Joseph Losey s The Prowler 1951 or Otto Preminger s Fallen Angel 1945 films which Muller discusses in comparative detail and which as yet I had not had in my noir collection Let alone several other films which I could not order since they have not yet found their way on DVD and I would so much like to see Robert Ryan bully Ido Lupino in Beware My Lovely 1952A look at the book itself will already tell you that this may be unusual fare because with its 215 cm height and 25 cm breadth it will not easily fit among the other titles in my bookshelf but instead it will stick out So does Muller s way of dealing with the topic Whereas Foster Hirsch in his knowledgeable study Film Noir The Dark Side of the Screen applies a rather systematic approach by looking at literary backgrounds at the development of the cinema that is mirrored in noir at noir stylistics at noir directors at actors and at typical narrative patterns or whereas the various Noir Readers edited by Alain Silver and James Ursini give you scholarly in depth studies of single films or particular aspects of film noir Eddie Muller makes the world of noir come to life again by linking the films with the stories behind them This can at times take on a rather muck raking attitude Gene Tierney s private ordeal is described in what I would deem a very sensationalist style and Gloria Grahame s sex life is exposed in a lot of detail for instance but often it proves very elucidating eg when Muller writes about the infamous HUAC or studio politicsMuller structures his book by taking us to various places of Dark City which all stand for certain narrative patterns or sub genres In his chapter Sinister Heights for instance he deals with films centring on gangsters and their influence on society in Hate Street we are invited to take a look behind the bourgeois fa ade of families like the Dietrichsons Double Indemnity or at deadly m nages trios like in The Postman Always Rings Twice in Shamus Flats we get to know the typical noir detective in Blind Alley Muller deals with the fatalism that is so typical of noir and Vixenville might speak for itself Ah Deadly Is the Female 1 In a way this is a very systematic approach but it allows Muller to proceed in a less scholarly way that is rather based on association Still while he often gives uite detailed summaries of films that are important to his cause his language makes sure that this is entertaining reading though he manages to offer a lot of interesting insight as for example when he detects an acid attack on middle class hypocrisy in a seemingly harmless noir like The Prowler Or even surprising to me when he makes a sound case for considering Raoul Walsh s White Heat a conservative film in that it does not see crime as partly caused by social iniuities but rather as the result of a mother complex I already mentioned Muller s language He adopts a very casual style trying to imitate the tough talk that features in so many noir films which might seem off putting and contrived at the start but soon adds to the flair of the whole book 2 I also liked the way in which Muller does not shy away from taking up a stance He leaves no doubt that he does not particularly like Orson Welles as a person and his commentary that Ida Lupino was an artist who to the chagrin of modern critics never stooped to define herself in terms of gender p177 may not be politically correct but is at least honest and refreshing and true A similar refreshing jab at the cultural elite who had adopted its post everything attitude p191 made me nearly drown in my coffee for laughterLast not least the book is full of appetizing stills from lots and lots of noir moviesIf you want to dive into the intricacies of noir cinema and learn something about critics theories and if you are not afraid of scholarly mumbo jumbo the Noir Readers mentioned above would be to your taste but for those who love film noir and want to read a very very long essay written by someone who shares this love Eddie Muller s book is a very good choice1 This impressive film is actually dealt with in the chapter Loser s Lane under its better known title Gun Crazy 2 A non native speaker like me will also cherish the opportunity of enlarging their vocabulary for words and expressions they will probably never use