[KINDLE] The Shape Shifter author Tony Hillerman

  • Hardcover
  • 276
  • The Shape Shifter
  • Tony Hillerman
  • English
  • 26 February 2018
  • 9780060563455

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read The Shape Shifter Tony Hillerman æ 6 read & download The Shape Shifter free read  PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Since his retirement from the Navajo Tribal Police Joe Leaphorn has occasionally been enticed to return to work by former colleagues who seek his help when they need to solve a particularly puzzling crime They ask because Leaphorn aided by officers Jim Chee and Bernie Manuelito always deliversBut this time the problem is with an old case of Joe's his last case un Definitely a worthwhile experience to partake of Hillerman s last book Joe Leaphorn of the Navajo tribal police is retired but he can t resist poking around asking uestions when he learns an acuaintance has died in a car wreck while investigating an insurance fraud case Starting with an odd incident of stolen pine sap one clue leads to another and soon Joe is led to a seemingly unlikely theory that can only be resolved through a trip to a remote hunting camp for a dangerous confrontation with his suspect In this case he does not have Sergeant Jim Chee to help him on the case His main partner in solving the case is a Hmong servant of the bad guy who was brought by him as a boy from Laos after his service in Special Operations in the Vietnam WarI love the way Leaphorn s mind works and his drive for true justice Though unlike Chee he is no true believer in the myths of his people he finds a lot of truth in their belief that evil arises from a loss of harmony with the natural world I do too The darker side of the American dream arising inexorably from the desire to accumulate wealth and pride in accomplishment can readily be linked to the current threats to sustainability of the planetary ecosystem An icon for such evil in this tale is an antiue tapestry that portrays the history of The Long Walk the forced march in 1863 64 of thousands of Navajo away from their sacred mountains to an internment camp 450 miles away at the cost of hundreds of deaths Honoring such a rug would not be consistent with the Navajo concept of healing and seeking profit from such an artifact represents bad juju of the highest order In the story here the premise is that the rug which was supposed to have burned up in the fire of a trading post many years ago has turned up in the possession of a wealthy dealer A person last visited by the dead insurance investigator Along the way Leaphorn draws his new Hmong friend out on the history of his people finding interesting comparisons with the travails of the Navajo Analogies in their religion over creation myths and the origins of evil provided a nice backdrop to the tale All in all this was a satisfying ending to the series Hillerman created a wonderful series of 18 mystery novels before his death in 2008 and I will miss his voice

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read The Shape Shifter Tony Hillerman æ 6 read & download The Shape Shifter free read  PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ing Leaphorn must pick up the threads of a crime he'd thought impossible to untangle Not only has the passage of time obscured the details but it also appears that there's a murderer still on the looseNew York Times bestselling author Tony Hillerman is at the top of his form in this atmospheric and riveting novel set amid the rugged beauty of his beloved Southwes I bought this because it was the last Hillerman having read all the others but the truth is that this is only a glorified first draft of a Hillerman novel and it should never have been published in this condition I d have given it one star if not for the sentimental attachment to the seriesThis is almost entirely a Joe Leaphorn story with Jim Chee and Bernadette Chee yep it happened given brief appearances at the beginning and the end That s disappointing and I m not sure it was the original intent Indeed I have some suspicions that this novel stems from an earlier Leaphorn has just retired manuscript that got shelved But having only one POV reduces the plot richness that was standard in the better Hillerman storiesThe novel follows a cold case A retired officer sends Leaphorn a letter with a lifestyle magazine picture that includes an old Navajo rug in it A rug that was reported as having burned up in a case that Leaphorn worked on in his early days Then the retired officer disappears Leaphorn tries to find out what s going on unofficially and complications ensue I love the last three paragraphs of the novel but I strongly dislike the clich ending that has Leaphorn behaving totally out of character It s a bad by which I mean stupid clich that TV cop series always turn to when they run out of ideasThis is a four grimace novel about standard for Hillerman but now I ll get to the 2 star issues I read a goodly number of books in manuscript as part of my job and this is clearly a first draft that somebody most likely not Hillerman cleaned up a bit so they could publish it It has numerous plotting and narrating errors where he forgets to tell us someone is in a scene or forgets to mention a clue but brings it up later or the text contradicts itself The story forgets which highway the vehicle is on or repeats information a second or third time as though Leaphorn hadn t already learned this something Very tellingly we keep getting told that Leaphorn has retired and doesn t seem to know how to adapt It comes up CONSTANTLY which was not Hillerman s style But here s the thing Leaphorn retired four or five books earlier than this He s been retired but this book doesn t seem to be aware of thatA good Hillerman scene has about three things going on in it If there s a conversation there s usually another thread going on in the character s mind and yet a third thread going on in the actions Here we re lucky to have one thing happening at once It has what I call technical term oatmeal scenes in which two characters are exchanging information but nothing else is actually happening So we get every bite they eat mentioned every refilling of the coffee cups every sip from the coffee cups This is what writers do in the first draft but in the rewrite they take all that nonsense out and lay in another storyline between the bits of dialogue which intensifies the scene and enriches the book But not this bookBecause this is a first draft the ending doesn t really work and there are numerous little logic errors near the end Hillerman had set up a very nice tense confrontation fraught with danger for the climax But he didn t know what to do and that shows when Leaphorn can t even come up with a plan So we get the narrator telling us that Leaphorn can t think of what to do which weakens the motivation This is the stuff a writer puts on paper when they re stuck or lost and which they ll discuss with their editor before revising Obviously that didn t take place in this caseHonestly this book needs to be retired from the LeaphornChee canon and allowed to go out of print The last three paragraphs and their setup are not worth it

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read The Shape Shifter Tony Hillerman æ 6 read & download The Shape Shifter free read  PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Solved is one that continues to haunt him And with Chee and Bernie just back from their honeymoon Leaphorn is pretty much on his ownThe original case involved a priceless one of a kind Navajo rug supposedly destroyed in a fire Suddenly what looks like the same rug turns up in a magazine spread And the man who brings the photo to Leaphorn's attention has gone miss This is the last one of the series which was published before Hillerman s death I didn t read it for a long time because I was saving it The beginning started me wondering how much I would enjoy it but I got very caught up with the story and it ended up being a great read for meHillerman s daughter Anne is continuing the series with the characters I ll be reading her first one in the near future