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  • 19 February 2018
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Summary We Don't Know We Don't Know Nick Lantz Ù 0 Free read Review Ø We Don't Know We Don't Know Physics to the CIA training manual for the practice of torture from the history of the uestion mark to the would be masterpieces left incomplete by the deaths of Leonardo da Vinci Nikolai Gogol Bruce Lee and Jimi Hendrix Selected by Linda Gregerson for the esteemed Bakeless Prize for Poetry We Don’t Know We Don?. Really enjoyed this Lantz really gets a lot of mileage out of juxtaposing Donald Rumsfeld and Pliny the Elder two humans who you d think have nothing to do with each other You re reading this description right now and thinking it must be a joke of a book but there s an unexpected lot of emotional resonance here as Lantz also somehow works in the narrator s mother s illness as a recurring theme My favorite piece is probably the Notes at the end but you really have to read the whole book to get there It s worth doing

Summary We Don't Know We Don't KnowWe Don't Know We Don't Know

Summary We Don't Know We Don't Know Nick Lantz Ù 0 Free read Review Ø We Don't Know We Don't Know Winner of the 2008 Katharine Bakeless Nason Prize for Poetry Nick Lantz's poems introduce a startling new voice Taking its title from a dodging statement from former secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld We Don’t Know We Don’t Know assesses what it means to claim new knowledge within a culture that professes to. Clever but conventionalA majority of poetry books coming out of the American academic creative writing establishment seem to fall into one of two categories One comprises books in the now standard confessional mode embodying a usually disjointed and often obscure narrative of coping with the grievous and dysfunctional aspects of an individual life A second smaller category try to break from this pattern but paradoxically the method of breaking away usually has its own hardly less rigid rules establish an overall framework dividing the work into 3 to 5 sections find as a continual motif some allusions often for instance uotes from types of writing sharply different from the book itself to use as an ironic frame and adopt a combination of standard reflective styles of poetic discourse with some contr

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Summary We Don't Know We Don't Know Nick Lantz Ù 0 Free read Review Ø We Don't Know We Don't Know Know everything already The result is a poetry that upends the deeply and dangerously assumed concepts of such a culture that new knowledge is always better knowledge that history is a steady progress that humans are in control of the natural order Nick Lantz’s poems hurtle through time from ancient theories of. A provocative interweaving of contemporary politics and ancient philosophy produces the intended effect I began to uestion the language of the parrot the politician and the philosopher and how all three operate in a certain of doublspeak that distances reality from speech