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free read Cold Sight review Cold Sight ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Leslie Parrish ✓ 0 summary T no one believes her So she turns to the new paranormal detective agency and the sexy mysterious Aidan for helpBut just as the two begin forging a relationship the case turns eerily personal for Lexie and Aidan discovers that maybe he hasn't lost the ability to feel after all. Granville Georgia is plagued by a serial killerOr is it When reporter Lexie Nolan ran the story of several teenage girl gone missing she was shut down and almost lost her job while the chief of police and all the prominent citizens claimed the missing teens were just runaways Especially since they were from the bad part of town Well the Ghoul as some have dubbed the presumed serial killer has struck again This time kidnapping a girl from the bad part of town going to school in the good part of town The police and the public can no longer hide from the truthOr can they Just to be sure Lexie enlists the help of Aidan McConnell a psychic investigator ran out of Savannah after a case gone bad resulting in the death of a child It s tough getting him on board but once he s hooked there s no chance he won t see this throughBut someone doesn t want Lexie and Aidan poking around Because something is obviously wrong in this uaint little town something that just might put the serial killer to shame with its darkness and longevity Because Granville reeks of dark secrets and the serial killer just might expose them allThough this is categorized as romantic suspense I d say this is along the lines of a thriller with some rather strong romantic undertones It was dark compelling chilling edgy intriguing a little sick especially in that basement and clubhouse and a lot twisted I thought Ms Parrish s Black CATs trilogy was dark but it has nothing on this book Also the Black CATs stories were sort of 50 50 on romance and suspense while here the percentage was highly in favor of the suspenseThe driving force at least for me wasn t the less exposed romance though it played a major role bringing Lexie and Aidan together binding them creating a powerful team it wasn t the aforementioned two leads it wasn t even the twisted killer or the sick and dark little town secret it was the strong determined unbreakable personality of the Ghoul s latest victim Yvonne Vonnie Jackson Though a secondary character relegated into the role of the victim she was the glue that brought everything together she was the catalyst for this story and its true heartThe reader gets to know the killer observe her prison through her eyes experiences everything as she experiences it and has no choice but admire the strength of her character her determination to get free no matter what her stubborn refusal to let the villain win And it is also her slight connection to Aidan that pulls him into the investigation gets him to trust Lexie makes him forget all his misgivings and self doubt and dive into the case head on Yes the killer started it all by kidnapping her but it was Vonnie that drove the story forwardMs Kelly did an amazing job in creating such a realistic character and giving her the opportunity to almost outshine the leads Despite everything to me this was Vonnie s story than anything elseNot that I didn t love the romance subplot Far from it The sparks between Lexie and Aidan flew from the get go the tension and attraction was almost palpable and it was just a matter of time before they both gave in Their psychic connection gave their story a little otherworldly feel and a little explanation to the rushed in feeling but still it retained an elusive believability Marvelously doneThe same goes for the main suspense arc The killer was deliciously twisted a complete psycho with a sadistic streak a mile wide but it was still a true pleasure to read and the villain s identity remained a secret until Ms Kelly decided to reveal it which was a nice respite from the usual suspense fare where the bad guy is obvious from the first chapterThe Hellfire Club sub sub plot was sick and twisted as well though the resolution was rather lacking but maybe we haven t seen the end of the Club just yet Here s hopingAnd now to the whole series stuff Unlike many first book in a series books this one wasn t rife with world building and introductions of characters but instead provided mere tidbits of the characters pasts and abilities but that was enough to get to know them and whet the reader s appetite for I m already itching to read about the EA investigative team and their abilitiesLastly despite the darkness I don t think this is a mood book having to read it when the mood is just right You can pick it up at any time it ll pull you in from the first page and won t spit you out until the very end Even when a scene was a bit too much to take and I wanted to put it down I simply couldn t Something compelled me to keep reading although the pacing was a bit slower on the re readI also liked the short story in the end about Aidan s first meeting Julia and getting invited into the Extrasensory Agents team

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Cold Sight

free read Cold Sight review Cold Sight ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Leslie Parrish ✓ 0 summary An old friend Aidan will help on the occasional XI case But under his handsome rugged facade he keeps his emotions in check for fear of being burned againReporter Lexie Nolan has a nose for news and she believes a serial killer has been targeting teen girls around Savannah Bu. In a nutshell The thriller aspect of the book was a rush Romantic aspect OK I m glad the RRRC group picked this I probably wouldn t have found it otherwiseAllow me to begin by saying that if one were to ask me whether I d recommend this book I d suggest reading this book for the suspense aspect than the romanceNow that that s out of the way o This book follows multiple perspectives of the residents in the sleepy town of Granville Georgia chiefly those of clairvoyant Aiden McConnall and reporter Lexie Nolan Aiden has been hiding from the public eye ever since he botched a missing person case that ended in a child s death He was ripped to shreds by sensationalist journalists left with nothing but nightmares and a load of guilt Lexie Nolan is unsurprisingly an unwelcome and unexpected addition to his life She too has been disgraced in a way having had her most recent expose declared false and misleading But Lexie is convinced she s right about a string of abductions of local poor young womenNow as the reader we are not in doubt that Lexie s right about her suspicions the book begins with a chilling look into the mind of the latest abductee I ll put an emphasis on chilling because this book is at it s most jarring when we re following the victim or even the killer The tension is near constant with a big emphasis on time the exact hour is noted at the beginning of each section or chapter and many situations occur simultaneously The author is good at pulling the rug from under you leaving you feeling that no one is safe and that the evil might win some battles regardless of how they ll fare in the greater war I really felt the suffering and anguish of the victims as well as the sickness and desperation of the perp I actually had a nervous pit in my tummy as I read the final actThere were a few instances of what I thought were character contradictions I d prefer to keep this review spoiler free so I ll simply say that some characters behaviors granted in only a few cases had me like butthat don t make no sense though Read the book I d love to discussAs I mentioned at the start of this review my own classification of this book is as a mysterythriller with a layer of romance and sprinkle of sensuality Though I felt connection with the hero and heroine and though theirs was a sweet romance it wasn t that compelling an elementThe supporting characters from the eXtreme Investigations group who are brought into the proceedings by Aiden are all interesting Each one saddled with an amazing but double edged ability they ll most certainly make for some great material in future books I most certainly look forward to it

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free read Cold Sight review Cold Sight ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Leslie Parrish ✓ 0 summary Leslie Parrish introduces Extrasensory Agents a band of psychic investigators interested only in the cases nobody else wants the coldest onesAfter being made a scapegoat in a botched investigation that led to a child's death Aidan McConnell became a recluse Still as a favor to. Awesome reada murder mysterythriller suspense novel but also a romantic suspense and the the whole thing worked fabulously The writing was excellent the story kept moving and didn t drag at all the secondary characters were fully fleshed out and you cared about them The mysterywho dun it aspect was amazing I was on the edge of my seat the whole time Totally recommend for those who love mystery thrillers and a suspense romancewas excellent