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  • Soul Ties
  • Karen van der Zee
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  • 14 January 2020
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Read & Download Soul Ties Ù PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook T in Indonesia Everything about him was familiar from his sense of humor to his favorite piece of musicShe couldn't explain it How could. Laughably awful even for a Harleuin The heroine is wetter than an old dishrag and hero is an emotionless idiot Together they don t make half a useful person There is no discernable plot and the doesn t really end it just uits Somewhere there is writer who refuses to own up to writing this book and an editor who was looking for a new job shortly after publication

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Read & Download Soul Ties Ù PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook She possibly feel these strong bonds with a man she barely knewAnd what point was there in loving him when he was engaged to another woma. Again I read this years and years ago So I think that it says something about the writing that I still remember a little of the plot These two people have very brief glimpses that make them wonder at different times if they are looking into thier past lives this book flowed so well for me years ago I could really believe in past life experiences Which I don t at all but it was so well written I could also believe in love after reading what I remember as a heart warming little book which I may be skeptical about than past lives lolAnyway this was wonderful then and I would read it again now if I had it

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Read & Download Soul Ties Ù PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook At some time in some place they had met and lovedLauren had never set eyes on Joel Rockwell but she recognized him instantly when they me. Hoooo boy everytime heroine starts drinking I just cringed cuz her tearducts do splits an alarming rate her eyes pee like there s no tomorrow Exactly how many eyebag concealers does she carry Hh are polar opposites She s so emotional he so emotionless Death by cashew nut woulda made it dwamatic Where s Mrs Doubtfire when needed Heroine spends the majority of the book feeling blue her self triggered melancholy depression made me wanna give her my shrink s card The romance took a backseat to the scenic view Prolly the worst reincarnation theme in HPlandia Not cohesive The ending was a cop out Heroine mopes around moons over stoic hero turns into a nervous wreck when hero s in the vicinity daydreams odd moments just came across like a lifeless doll running on rusty battery Prolly consumes too much krupuk teh botol pollution diluted water I really wouldn t have been surprised if hero turned out to be heroine s figment of imagination or it was just her wet dream Hands down the soggiest heroine evah read much like Maya Banks s wet chow meinETA from bk club How would you graderate the book 3 an over inflated rating just cuz I luv moist trainwrecks humid locales that are portrayed authentically not just as transparent background Romance wise it s actually a whopping 1 cuz it s pretty much all in her cloudy head a lopsided affair She seemed to be constantly chasing after an illusion just cuz she had the weird vibes she d known him before even tho she couldn t point her finger to it Did you like the hero The heroine How was the plot Hero what hero He barely made a ripple in my radar merely serves as an in and out prop on the storyboard What li l interaction Hh had could be lumped in a stamp Not even meaningful interaction to warrant a ualitative analysis on their relationship When Hh finally get it on it was written so vaguely for a sec I thought it s just anotha dreamy fantasy of hers He operates w outta sight outta mind attitude towards Lauren we re supposed to believe the end that it s all cuz he s introverted He s still a blank canvas to me when I reached the last line Heroine Really needs to put a lid on her leaky waterpot Good grief the amount of tears she sheds from cover to cover coulda filled up an ocean She steam cooks her own mind gets herself riled up so effortlessly that external circumstances were not needed as trigger There s a major glitz in her mental toughness She s so morose manic depressive insecure whiny high strung that I dunno how anybody could stand her Heck it s not surprising that Joel gives her the cold shoulder everytime they bump into each other She s clingy than a wet T shirt She over reacts is so hypersensitive that it s imperative to have mental Benadryl all times her age she s so ill euipped to cope w adversities A total milksop who humiliates herself in crunchy situations amazing she still does social rounds Classic HP moments Near death by meandering cashew nut Death by chipmunk in my recent read was entertaining tho nuffink will evah beat that classic method Fork tongued viper makes heroine s life a living hell Chauvinistic boss gets a verbal slapdown Plot It bears repeating that this is not a romance What did you think of the paranormal aspects in the story Poorly structured Did you enjoy the Indonesia setting Sure It s a platform to showcase the tourist friendly aspects of the locale exotic cuisine also raise awareness on the real life conscience prodding poverty seedy side of cheap labor Made me think twice bout buying Indo made products cuz all the profits go straight to deep pocketed conglomerates What would you change to make the story better Lose the PNR angle make it a straight4ward luv affair between 2 wanderers in foreign country I ve nevah read a powder keg who cries a river like Lauren She cries cries some cries herself to sleep 2nd guesses herself all the time Shoulda kissed hero buhbye 1st brush off Snip the heroine s non stop mental whimpering pissing moaning bout everything everyone under the sun Why oh why was the prose laden w the word WHY a gazillion uestion marks Have you read KVDZ before Would you read her again A toss up