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  • 20 January 2019
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free read In the Year of The Boar and Jackie Robinson · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Now any English so it's hard to make friends Then a miracle baseball happens It is 1947 and Jackie Robinson star of the Brooklyn Dodgers is everyone's hero Jackie Robinson. This story chronicles an immigrant experience during the mid 1940s A Chinese girl changes her name to Shirley Temple Wong when she learns that she and her mother will join her engineer father in multicultural Brooklyn New York She arrives with lots of enthusiasm and no English language skillsThe description is beautiful I read this aloud to a class of fourth graders and was amazed how often I could highlight the author s use of figurative language though I only did it occasionally of course Paragraph after paragraph similes flood the pages without crawling all over or damaging each otherThe main character Shirley is also very well written because the scenes are simple but highly enjoyable and illuminating We witness how a positive start turns into rejection We worry right along with herMy students decided the story problem was Shirley s isolation Once she was clearly accepted by her classmates they wondered why the book went on for a few chapters As I read we analyzed the last chapters for the resolution of another problem and concluded that it had to do with Shirley s split identityThe story occasionally suffered from what I think was an outdated style At times the elevated language put too much distance between me and Shirley since it did not seem to be her voice at least not fifth or sixth grader Shirley The author also emphasized her theme of a split identity of competing identities in a heavy handed way something I think most authors today would avoid Jackie Robinson also makes an appearance at the end which was a bit too convenient for my tastesFinally although I am an American I am not a fan of notions of American exceptionalism Since I was reading this aloud to students few of whom if any are American I was embarrassed twice by passages of unabashed jingoistic American exceptionalism Those passages seemed to imply that Shirley and other immigrants must believe the United States is the greatest nation on Earth to fully assimilate It was amusing in a way and interesting because it is not how immigrant experiences are framed today It was an opportunity for conversation with my students about how attitudes have hopefully changed At some future point I hope to remind them of the book so we can discuss how this notion of being the greatest seems to wreck havoc in other nations too such as Japan

free read In the Year of The Boar and Jackie RobinsonIn the Year of The Boar and Jackie Robinson

free read In the Year of The Boar and Jackie Robinson · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Shirley Temple Wong sails from China to America with a heart full of dreams Her new home is Brooklyn New York America is indeed a land full of wonders but Shirley doesn't k. This is one of my favorite books to share with my fourth grade students There are so many mini lessons that can be taught that I have to pick and choose carefully in order to keep from spending too much time on it It helps my students relate to my non English speakers and the ones who are just beginning to grasp the language I use it to teach idioms similes and metaphors We discuss dealing with bullies while also discussing the rich vocabulary within the text Plus my students laugh out loud every year Truly a fun learning experience that I would recommend for any 4th or 5th grade classroom

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free read In the Year of The Boar and Jackie Robinson · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Is proving that a black man the grandson of a slave can make a difference in America and for Shirley as well on the ball field and off America becomes the land of opportuni. It s a nice little book about immigrant life although it lightens up many of the tough subjects maybe a little too much Nonetheless the issues are included losing native language mixing the old culture with the new not communicating in the same ways and drifting away from parents expectations of how the kid should be It s a great read for kids My students even clapped when we finished Aww