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  • The Final Note
  • Kevin Alan Milne
  • English
  • 08 July 2020
  • 9781599952956

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FREE DOWNLOAD â The Final Note Cherish his wifeand to write a song for her Fast forward to the present day Despite his grand promises reality has proven to be much harder than he anticipated Instead of composing hit songs he's working long hours to provide for his family and still promising to finish Anna's song His formerly hopeful spirit is almost too heavy to carry weighed down as it is by regretHis grandfather a veteran of World War II knows a thing or two about regret and bitterness and has his own st Ethan goes to Austria to study music to raise extra funds he plays his Grandfather s guitar Karlon the streets There he meets Anna who is one her OE They soon fall for each other Back in the States they kindle their love and get married Ethan promises that he will write Anna a song in the first year of their marriage and Anna who loves Art will paint Ethan a picture Everytime Ethan gets out Karl the Guitar to play for Anna Anna leaves a love note for EthanEthan and Anna both have dreams and goals but life and challengerstroubles and heartbreak start to take over their lives They soon leave behind their dreams Ethan gets very bussy in his job and although he is earning good money he is always away and finds it hard to fit in Anna and their Daughter Hope Ethan dosn t play his guitar anyThen one night Anna is involved in an accident which leaves her in a Comma This gives Ethan plenty of time to look over his failings his anger at the woman who caused the accident and his grief His grandfarther who sort of raised him comes to the hospital and while Ethan pretends to be a sleep we find out why the guitar is called KarlEthan has a lot to deal with and this book is about love and learning to forgive the pain of having to say goodbye to loved ones learning to let go of your anger and let love shine in Also just maybe discovering that loved ones need than you earning big money they need you This story has some good lessons and I enjoyed it

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FREE DOWNLOAD â The Final Note Ories to tell One in particular has the potential to change Ethan's attitude and help him put the past to rest if he can open his heart to the truth of itCan an old soldier's tales of war help Ethan relinuish his anger Is it too late to finish the song he began for Anna on their wedding day Will he be able to remember why he fell in love so many years ago In this tale of loss and heartbreak love and forgiveness Ethan is about to discover that the final note has yet to be writt I really enjoyed this book from the moment I opened it straight through to the end I loved the set up each section labeled as part of a song and the story was beautiful too Ethan Anna s relationship was so real From an immediate spark to a growing adoration to settling into comfort and finally stressful lack of romance Ethan started out so sweet and kind and became so frustrating as the story went on It made me like the story that much because it was so real I hated the deterioration of the relationship but recognized it as a common issue man feels need to support family family needs time with man man can t balance the two and still feel he s being supportive More than any of it though I enjoyed Grandpa s story I m always a sucker for anything WWII related and his story as an American spy captured in a concentration camp was harrowing The friendship he found with Karl was incredible Despite the fact that this particular story is a piece of fiction there were millions of people who went into the concentration camps it s helpful to think that out of all their suffering there may have been a few who were given gifts the way Grandpa was I m still not uite sure how I feel about the end of this novel though While I was hoping that Anna would live through the coma and I d enjoy a happy ending by the time it came I almost felt the ending was happy enough A change had happened in Ethan he realized how to become a better father a better man And he and Hope seemed to be doing alright I was ready to let her go Then he sang her song and she smiled which of course I had already expected would be the game changer if he would just play already Then Ethan Hope were at a funeral Then they went home to Anna who was sorry she missed Grandpa s funeral It all happened uickly and while I was so glad Ethan Anna get to spend the rest of their lives together better than they previously had been doing I feel a little cheated that I didn t get to see the moment when she woke up That is a HUGE moment in a story like this and the smile wasn t enough Especially since everyone had already accepted her death So basically 95% of this novel was wonderfully and truthfully written and the final 5% was not the way it would go in real life but makes for happy fiction

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FREE DOWNLOAD â The Final Note In this brand new novel from bestselling author Kevin Milne readers will be inspired yet again by the themes of love loss and renewal Ethan met and fell in love with Anna while studying music abroad in college He married her and fully expected to grow old with her After all they were young life was good and faith in each other came easily as evidenced by the Love Notes Anna periodically left between the strings of his guitarOn their wedding day Ethan promised to love honor and The story starts with a prelude showing a man Ethan Bright yelling at someone he believes has ruined his life and his family Then it goes back in time to the time when Ethan met the love of his life Anna while in Vienna Flat broke and trying to finish his Master s Thesis at the University of Music and performing arts he uses his guitar to busk and earn enough money to live on Anna leaves a note tucked between the strings of his guitar Ethan knows he will do anything to win this girl and do his best to make her happy for the rest of their lives But life does not always work out the way we dream and it does not for Ethan and Anna Reality pressures and heartbreak intrude on their lives But is it too late to get back what they had It is a story of choices and conseuencesI have read a few other books by this author and enjoyed them so pounced on this book when I saw it in the library From the first page I was right there with Ethan I loved the emphasis on various types of music I also loved the dialogue and playful tones of the early story between Ethan and Anna I thought it was going to be a sweet charming story about two likeable people Add to that Ethan s grandfather who raised him who is just the sweetest man and it seemed ideal And then things changed There were times when I could have bopped Ethan for being so dense and not seeing what was most important As I was reading it kept reminding me of my favourite a song by Neil Sedaka The Hungry Years Maybe have a listen to it after you ve read the book and you ll see whyThis story and it s oh so human characters with their foibles and flaws stirred my emotions all the way through Must be a good book my husband observed when he heard me trying to control the tears He wasn t wrong I loved it from start to finish It involved me all the way and I didn t let me go till the end Loved the title too which has than one meaning A thoroughly engaging story but be advised to keep tissues nearby I adored it