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Clandestino: In Search of Manu Chao (English Edition) Review ☆ 106 K him from the wilds of Mexico to Buenos Aires to a refugee camp in the Sahara Big IssueA decade ago Manu Chao s band Mano Negra toured Colombia by train negotiating with government troops and rebels an episode described at the time as less like a rock n roll tourlike Napoleon s retreat from Moscow That s Manu in a nutshell He does everything differently He is a multi million selling artist who prefers sleeping on friends floors to five star hotels an anti globalisation activist who hangs out with prostitute activists in Madrid and Zapatista leader Comandante Marcos in Chiapas a recluse who is at home singing in front of people in stadiums in Latin America or festivals in Europe Clandestino has been five years in the writing as Peter Culshaw followed Manu around the world invited at a moment s notice to head to the Sahara or Brazil or to Buenos Aires where Manu was making a record with mental asylum inmates The result is one of the most fascinating music biographies we re ever likely to rea.

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Clandestino: In Search of Manu Chao (English Edition) Review ☆ 106 To distil the nature of Chao s elusive genius reuires a bold author and a special kind of book and Peter Culshaw has risen to the task a compelling story brilliantly told By the journey s end one is left with the satisfying conclusion that the fabulous experiences and curious explorations along the way have beenimportant than any imagined or real destination for author subject and reader alike Nigel Williamson Songlines Manu Chao is a nomadic non conformist bard of the dispossessed and pied piper of the poor An engaging new biography Culshaw does a fine job keeping track of the musician s helter skelter movements he s also strong when analysing Chao s winning musical formula Daily Telegraph Any story which features a band playing shows on trains around Colombia or on cargo ships sailing up and down South America is always going to be colourful Clandestino is a great read As tales of unlikely global stars go this is well worth your time Irish Times It s bloody brilliant Really The whole stru.

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Clandestino: In Search of Manu Chao (English Edition) Review ☆ 106 Cture works really well the storytelling is really vivid I loved the digressions and learned plenty Caspar Llewellyn Smith Music Editor Guardian A carnival of photojournalism and trans continental reportage Culshaw is a disciplined and talented biographer a fine story The List Excellent Clandestino is part travelogue part history and a thumpingly good book New Internationalist One of the many fine ualities of Culshaw s book part biography part personal chronicle of his time with Chao is that he doesn t attempt to tidy the music or push the man into pigeonholes His is a well paced balanced and warm account of the extraordinary life of an extraordinary artist Clandestino will make you dig out the albums and listen to them again with a richer understanding of the music Record Collector Chao s led and still leads an extraordinary life A fascinating story and Culshaw tells it well Metro The definitive biography of Latin music star and activist Manu Chao an epic at times perilous journey that too.

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