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  • Bound for Pleasure : A Kidnap Dark Romance
  • Gloria King
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  • 13 January 2019
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CHARACTERS æ Bound for Pleasure : A Kidnap Dark Romance D it be Yes The seriousness of the situation hit her like a ton of bricks all at onceIt was a hold upWhen Maureen saw one of the men holding a gun she gasped This sound made them turn around and notice her Now she was in for itWell well look what we got here boysGlory be we got ourselves a little bonus Maureen shuddered as one of the young men came near her He was tall and gangly with a stringy mop of washed out looking blond hai. This book is terrible No proper story line from starting point it was irritating could not continue never red such utter rubbish in my life How did this get published You have to rate it the star

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CHARACTERS æ Bound for Pleasure : A Kidnap Dark Romance R that hung in his eyesShe was frghtened to deth now At this close range she could feel the heat of his body and see the stains on his overworn tee shirt She began to shakeThe man grabbed her close to him and pressed his body against hers She tried to pull away but it was no useMaureen was pushed into the back seat of a broken down car held on the floor and thretened with death if she tried to scream Then she felt the car roar of. Terrible story line bad spelling and punctuation what can I say other than dreadful

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CHARACTERS æ Bound for Pleasure : A Kidnap Dark Romance Wandering into the post office she thought she would buy some postcards just to pass the time It was an old building and it smelled mustyMaureen had her back to the door as she looked through some cards The sound of the slamming of it barely drew her attention But suddenly angry voices reached her earsThe beautiful woman wheeled around What was going on Who were these three young men dressed in leather jackets and dirty jeansCoul. I read this out of curiosity there were no reviews and now I see why there weren t any this was absolute garbage The writing was bad the grammar was bad it was 100% a joke How people manage to get stuff like this published is beyond me The whole story is about a married woman of 20 years is unhappy with her intimate life and wants her husband to make some changes but he doesn t want to She gets kidnapped by three young men and it ends with them running as uick as they can to the cops to get away from her The scene that almost caused me to uit towards the end the author wrote that the woman was trying to convince the guys to get it up but they re raw and worn out She gets them going by telling one of the kidnappers I m going to f him with her boob and Lord help me she does that right there was the cherry on the hit sundae for me I copied and tried to clean it up so you can see this mess C i e was neat y beside himse f with j y He had ne er fe t anything s w nderfu y s ft being sh ed up his a bef re I m definitely going to look into a way of reporting this mess and hopefully have it removed You re welcome all I just took a bullet for y all LoL