(Last Call: A TempleVerse Anthology Book 1 (TempleVerse Anthologies) (English Edition)) [PDF/EBOOK] ñ Shayne Silvers

Last Call: A TempleVerse Anthology Book 1 (TempleVerse Anthologies) (English Edition)

review ½ Last Call: A TempleVerse Anthology Book 1 (TempleVerse Anthologies) (English Edition) You thought you knew how crazy the TempleVerse could get Hold my beerLAST CALL is a collection of three drunken novellas set in the TempleVerse including MotherluckerCallie and uinns girls night out in VegasCollinsuinns preuel novella to the Phantom ueen DiariesBeerlympianGunnars bachelor partyGet ready for some shenanigans You might need a drink just to comprehend the insanityMotherluckerFeathers and Fire Phantom ueen Diaries Coming of age can be an awkward time in any young person s life Hormones flair Hair grows in weird places Wrestling becomes foreplay But at no point in any would be adult s life is the transitionobvious than the st birthdayan American tradition as rich as drinking to celebrate other cultures But for some this transcendent experience is rockier than othersFor Aria and Sonya weredragon sisters and birthday girls it s about to be downright turbulentHead out for a night out on the town with Callie Penrose uinn MacKenna Othello and the Reds as they do their best to break the what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas adage by taking on the leprechaun mafia hitting on Johnson

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review ½ Last Call: A TempleVerse Anthology Book 1 (TempleVerse Anthologies) (English Edition) Beaver avoiding were strippers donning Dorian Gray s clothing line robbing a bank and drinking everything they can get their hands on of course If these girls thought Lady Luck was on their side they should have known betterBecause in Vegas the House always winsCollinsPhantom ueen Diaries preuel novellaEvery story has a beginning but not every story has a happy ending When you live in Boston you make peace with that or you find another town A softer gentler town But uinn MacKennaa black magic arms dealer just coming into her ownisn t a soft gentle person and Boston suits her just fine Which is why after getting caught up in the middle of a kidnapping case she sticks around for a night of blood and mayhem guaranteed to give her new nightmaresWalk with uinn as she and her old friend Jimmy Collins reconnect forging a new bond of friendship under fire even as their very beliefs are put to the test Prepare yourself for wizardry and ritual for victims and violence For walking corpses and cleansing fire Prepare yourself for the worst of what uinn s world has to offerBecause when the things th

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review ½ Last Call: A TempleVerse Anthology Book 1 (TempleVerse Anthologies) (English Edition) At go bump in the night come out to play sometimes you have to bump backBeerlympianNate Temple There comes a moment in every mans life when he chooses to settle down with the love of his life To put all those childish games and hobbies away to focus on building the rock solid foundations of a true everlasting committed relationshipmarriageGunnar Randulf the Alpha werewolf of St Louis and Nate Temples best friend is ready to make that plunge But before the wedding bells chimeIts bachelor party timeJoin Nate Alucard Achilles and the Minotaur as they rip through New Orleans on a last ditch effort to ruin Gunnars lifeerm remind him why he loves his fiance so muchwith a Stag Night scavenger hunt marathon that introduces them to ungodly amounts of alcohol mermaids major felonies Nicolas Flamel ridiculous drinking rules Valkyries and a slew of other local supernaturals And you thought you knew just how crazy the boys could get when left unattended Its cute really your naivety Scroll up and tap or click BUY NOW to jump face first into this wild ride with Gods Legends shifters and vampires TODAY

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  • Last Call: A TempleVerse Anthology Book 1 (TempleVerse Anthologies) (English Edition)
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